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5 Advanced Features in RentalSlew – Vacation Rental Script

By May 10, 2019 August 6th, 2019 Vacational Rental Script

RentalSlew is a highly customizable Airbnb Clone Script developed by Sparkout Tech Solutions to equip and empower business ventures with a powerful property rental solution. The business is indeed thriving; if you are looking to start one, waste no time for every day passed is a day wasted. Dotted below are five advanced features of RentalSlew.

Co-Host Feature

The co-host feature is intended to divide the work of the host. To assume that every host has only one property to rent is disastrous. And to require the host to manage multiple properties would also place a heavy toll. The co-host feature allows the host to delegate the necessary work to his managers or properties’ caretakers to relieve himself a fair share.

Suppose a person expands his properties to a whopping 3000 or at least to a 600 or 900, he cannot manage all the properties’ bookings by himself. Co-host features solve the very constraint.

Host Membership Module

Host Membership Module is a plan for hosts to buy the hosting rights for up to a certain number of properties i.e. silver plan allows up to five properties, gold allows up to 10, and diamond can allow up to 15. Of course, the names and plans can be modified as per the clients’ wishes.

Additional features for premium members or for most valued hosts can also be added considering their popularity and reputation.

Property Subscription Module

To ask the hosts to buy a membership plan for just one property would sound obnoxious and wouldn’t go well with the partners. No one wants to pay for five properties when they have even one less – four. The same goes with the gold plan if they have nine properties unless the membership has unique values added to it.

Property Subscription serves the hosts who don’t want to opt for the premium membership. The module enables hosts to buy rights for properties individually.

Admin to Host Payout

The rent for the bookings is transferred to the admin’s bank account. The hosts’ remunerations are moved only after the customers’ check-in so as to confirm the booking, and even if the booking is canceled, the amount remaining after the cancellation fee can be refunded without any tedious, complex procedures.

AI-powered Commission Alterations

The AI integrated with the RentalSlew identifies the festival seasons as a major opportunity to increase profits. It is during this time an increased commission is readily accepted by the hosts. The AI also identifies many such opportunities to assist you in choosing the right commission based on the traffic, area, and every minuscule of a concept that matters.

You can also easily post early bird discounts which are, of course, limited to a certain number to channel new customers and traffic.

The features listed above are just specks of an array of interesting features. RentalSlew is defined by its features, and awe-inspiring feats are defined by RentalSlew.

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