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Here is why you need iCAL feature in your Vacation Rental Business

By March 25, 2019 August 7th, 2019 Airbnb Clone Script

iCAL’s sole purpose is to make you look at your bookings screen less often. It is a calendar sync feature incorporated with Sparkout Tech’s Airbnb clone script, RentalSlew. Although it is business, it takes a lot of time to answer all the booking calls especially when you are fully booked. Further, you have to update your inventory in all the rental listings. iCAL solves the problem by linking all the rental sites in one calendar, and you will never have to update inventory and check bookings often.

It Greatly Reduces Manual Labour:

With your rental listings linked and synced to one calendar, your inventory is updated in all the sites with every booking. You don’t have to login to every listing and update your inventory after the confirmation of every single reservation. And because the bookings are spot on, it is highly unlikely to receive calls for reservation queries as all the information is available on the website.

vaction-rental-script-ical-snycIt Greatly Saves Time:

Enabling iCAL equips you with more time, the time which you could spend to mull over the strategies and come up with an ideal solution to elevate your business position. It cuts down the time you spend to answer the queries on a fully booked evening.



It Greatly Reduces Duplication of Bookings:

The probability of a property being booked by two or more parties for the same evening is quite high during seasonal traffic highs. And you are not relying on one rental listing to keep yourself booked throughout the month. iCAL completely eliminates the chances of being reserved by more parties for the same day from different listings.

There have been occurrences of a property booked from two different listings by the same party. Mistake or mischief, there are no such bothers if you have iCAL.

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