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Benefits of Airbnb Clone Script to Build Your Own Vacation Rental Website

By February 25, 2019 July 3rd, 2019 Airbnb Clone Script
RentalSlew Airbnb clone script

We are excited to finally launch the next generation rental management system: RentalSlew v2.0! All thanks to our dogged team (25 developers and five business analysts) who worked with many Airbnb hosts and other rental business barons around the world for more than a year to analyze and come up with the most effective solution. It is because of their hard work and expertise in managing the rental business, RentalSlew became a reality.

So What Exactly is RentalSlew?

RentalSlew is the complete rental business suite for any entrepreneur or businessman who wants to start their own “Rental Business”. Yes, it is not just a property rental business model, but a customizable and adaptable rental suite. To discover more about the rental establishments, prospects, and how we bring you a step closer to achieve business success, visit our website www.rentalslew.com

We know running a business is as hard and scary as it can be, which is why we are dead set on lifting the burden off your shoulder. Here is how we bring your business dreams a tad closer. The complete RentalSlew Business Suite includes –

1. A booking page that is eye-catching and easy to use.

2. A powerful Host dashboard.

3. A Super Admin dashboard gives you the supreme control of your business.

4. An android application that allows you to toggle between ‘Client’ and ‘Host’ profiles.

5. An IOS application that allows you to toggle between ‘Client’ and ‘Host’ profiles.

Who can Benefit from RentalSlew?

To put it in layman’s terms, RentalSlew is a shortcut to start any rental business.

RentalSlew is the ideal platform for an aspiring or established entrepreneur to get into the Rental Business. Of course, it is not limited to a specific group of individuals for it can assist Airbnb, HomeAway and similar Hosts to expand their existing rental business with ease. RentalSlew is developed to be highly customizable to support all rental businesses: Car renting, Book renting, Billboard renting, et cetera. The script architects a bridge to help you to avoid pitfalls and to assist you to conquer your dream.

How to Earn with RentalSlew?

If you embark your property rental business like Airbnb with RentalSlew, you can earn a percentage as a commission from the rental cost of the property every time it gets booked from your website or mobile application. And the percentage is not predefined or default; you can choose the commission percentage from your Super Admin Dashboard.

How does the Payment Split Work?

The payment is achieved with the assistance of Stripe and Braintree – a division of Paypal. Right after the client completes the procedure of payment, based on the value set as commission percentage in the Super Admin Dashboard, the payment split is automatically taken care of between the Client and the Admin (your business account)

What are the Payment Modes Present in the System?

1. Instant Booking – Single payment

2. Multiple Payment – 2 Payments

3. Payment with a security deposit (Advance amount)

airbnb clone script - rentalslew

Core Features

Some of the sophisticated features that set RentalSlew apart from its competitors:

1. Multiple Payments

2. Advanced search & filters

3. Advanced Booking

4. 2 Way Instant chat

5. Multiple payment gateways

6. Brand new listing page

7. Create Listing

8. Manage reservation

9. Refund to guest

10. Cancellation policies

11. Reviews & Ratings

12. Currency Converter

13. Security on Booking

14. Social Share

15. Instant Booking

16. Gods Eye View

17. Calendar view

18. Ical sync

19. Traveller <-> Host switch

20. Host statistics

21. Social Logins

22. Coupons, Offers

23. Push notifications

24. Email & SMS gateway Integrated

25. Multiple admin detailed reports

Check out more features from here

What to Expect?

Our team is in full swing to improve the product and assist our clients in every way possible. Here’s the smell of what’s cooking:

Blocking users from uploading inappropriate pictures.

Booking suggestions with Artificial Intelligence.

Dynamic Pricing – Price tips for hosts based on demand.

Online Risk Mitigation – Anomaly deduction and external interference elimination using Machine Learning.

Incorporating the Blockchain technology

Technology Specifications

Website and Admin Dashboard:

Frontend – HTML5, CSS3

Backend – PHP 7.2 with Laravel Framework version 5.6

Database – MySQL 5.6

Mobile Apps:

Android App – Native Android App

IOS App – Native IOS App – Swift

Server Requirements:

4GB Ram, 300GB SSD (Based on your business requirement), Ubuntu 16.04 OS

We recommend using the AWS server for its speed and reliability. We are an approved AWS Partner.

Purchase Types:

1. For tech-savvies, we provide the Web App, the Super Admin Dashboard and the Android App source code at just $250. We are a bunch of tech geeks and this is our way of giving back to the community.

2. Entrepreneurs can receive the complete RentalSlew Business Suite which includes a Website, a Super Admin Panel, an Android App and an IOS App along with free installation and support. Contact us for the pricing here.

vacation rental software dashboard

What are the Offers for a Complete Suite?

1. Free Installation Support

2. Free Tech Support unto 6 months

3. 100 % free source code

4. Free Basic On-Page SEO

5. Free Consulting service

So What’s Your Action Plan?

1) Project NDA signing between both the parties.

2) 50% upfront payment from the client.

3) Skype group with the development team – Regular updates on the progress and all the queries will be clarified.

4) From the development to deployment, it is our turf.

5) Project documentation and source code delivered to the client.

6) The final payment is received after the installation.

7) Six months of free support

We are a budding tech company thriving to cause a disruption in the technological world and explore beyond the known boundaries of innovation. Help us improve the platform by connecting us with Realtors and Airbnb Hosts. Airbnb Hosts, we have the ideal way to save you from the hefty Airbnb commission. Connect with me to know more! 🙂

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