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Amazon Web Services Opens the Door for Managed Blockchain Service

By May 3, 2019 August 7th, 2019 AWS

The managed blockchain service launched by the e-commerce mammoth, Amazon is finally available for the wide use of enterprises. The product enables customers to setup blockchain networks through Ethereum and Hyperledger open source frameworks easily and economically.

AMB is already implemented and used by AT&T and Nestle according to an announcement made by Amazon.

Amazon Web Services initially announced the AMB in November 2018 and was in preview until a few days ago. With the release, AWS joins Azure from Microsoft and IBM in the blockchain-as-a-service race.

Amazon managed Blockchain especially takes care of provisioning nodes, setting up networks, manage certificates, and every essential component for the customer to get their blockchain network setup in a few clicks.

Few places where Blockchain-as-a-service can be at its best


Insurance definitely needs a better way to track the claimed transactions and history of payments. Rather than building complex database structures and relying heavily on audit, the decentralized and immutable ledger can hold more than a lifetime worth of history and is spot on in case of transparency.

In Production

Production units have tons of data to store and track to streamline production and supply. From the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the final product, every minuscule of information is available to everyone. But of course, the bars can be set on the parties to view information, but it definitely summates to the transparency.


Trade can always use a medium that takes less time and involves less complexity to perform cross-boundary payments and asset transfer through direct deals with multiple parties (exporter, importers, and banks).

Blockchain can be employed in a number of fields to improve quality and decrease complexity. Not to mention the ginormous transparency and verifying capability brought by the tech. Sparkout Tech collaborates with AWS to deliver readily deployable blockchain solutions.

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