Visuals Drive Conversion: Augmented Reality Application Development

Incorporating Augmented Reality Applications to your business empowers your clients with real-time experience of the completed project and thus drives the conversion ratio.

Benifits of AR

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Dynamics of Augmented Reality Application


Enlighten your customers with hands-on experience of the end product.


Showcase the interactive environment of the project for a better perception.


It empowers you to share your ideas and knowledge to your customers visually.


The creation of personalized AR content engages your customers positively.

Our Works on AR

Augar - AR Real Estate

You go to the construction site with your client, and the ground is empty: No brick, no steel. And yet, with our AR application, Augar, you can see the completed construction and experience its feel on your phone. Your clients can navigate through all of the rooms, decide the colours, texture, furniture, and customize the building according to their wishes.

It is the user engagement that propels the confidence and the conversion ratio. We deliver you just that.

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With the combination of GPS and Augmented Reality, you can endow your customers with the right directions, traveling time, weather, road conditions, and traffic information on the go.

Travel & Tourism

You can allow your customers to access the information related to locations and features in real time as an overlay on their smartphone screens.


Blending Augmented Reality Application Development to the gaming industry will be a disruptive addition as it provides digital gameplay in the real world environment.

Advertising & Promotion

Applications incorporating Augmented Reality can take advertisements and their conversion to the next level for the users experience the feel of the product endorsed.


Students and doctors can be trained and refined to the fullest of their potentials by operating, treating, and testing patient modules with AR applications.


Education’s AR boost brings in practicality to the courses – students will be empowered with models they can see and experience rather than drawings and pictures.

Manufacturing & Maintenance

AR Technology assists you to speed up every step from designing to execution as you can build and customize virtually before moving to the plans’ execution.


Augmented Reality Application Development can avail a 360-degree view of the products along with the price tag to summate the engaging element.


Augmented Reality Mobile Application allows engineers to design with the information of space restrictions and obstacles to ensure the products’ feasibility while retaining its pleasing look.

AR Development Services We Offer

Projection based AR

It is a three-dimensional projection of synthetic lights to form an object that can also be interactive. Projection based Augmented Reality enables you to showcase a model in myriad textures and colors to engage your users persuasively.

Recognition based AR

Recognition based AR Application’s features allow your phone to scan and recognize the objects. You can use it to train employees with the step by step process or provide a walkthrough for the clients to educate them on the purpose and usage of your projects.

Outlining AR

Outlining AR-enabled phones can scan and outline sublime things that are usually difficult to the naked eye. You can amplify your real estate service with the right fitting of the accessories in the given area. Car navigation system, construction projects can also use the AR’s momentum.

Superimposition based AR

This system provides a new perception by placing a new element in the object or replacing an existing object in an environment. You can provide your customers with new structures and layouts for their housing and flood the conversion ratio. You can also allow your customers to try on new clothes without changing.

Location-based AR

Location-based AR is a big boon for the travel and tourism industry. While Google Maps is a great tool for navigation, its score for interactivity doesn’t fare great. Combined with the AR, every street can be scoured and every shop can be pinpointed with ease.

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