Meet Your Smart Automated Dispatch Solution

Bridge Bee is your smart delivery management API readily deployable in your business to assign drivers to delivery requests efficiently

Connect to the Best Drive Seamlessly

Favourite Drivers

Allowing the customers to choose their favorite delivery partner if available for deliveries eliminates the skepticism and improves trust and reliability.


The automated dispatch solution assigns delivery partners based on their ratings to improve the user experience which is primary to increase sales.

Waiting Time

The delivery orders are sent to the drivers based on their waiting time; the driver who has waited for the most gets the order for a fair distribution.


The delivery management algorithm maps delivery orders with delivery partners who are in the vicinity of the location to fasten deliveries.

Track Order

The customers are made aware of their waiting time and can track the chosen route of the cargo to reach them on live.


The delivery partners can cancel the order, but the orders placed are also distributed based on the least cancellation count.

Technologies We Used


Node Js

Mongo DB


Web Socket

Easy accountable

As the admin, you ought to keep tabs on the status of every delivery, its driver, and its customer to ensure a good service. Bridge Bee automatically tracks every delivery and allows you to monitor the process easily. You can also get detailed reports on successful and rejected deliveries. The delivery agent dispatch solution provides you with key information that could help you steer your business the right way.

Monitors Reviews

The Delivery Management Solution also allows you to know the vibe of your customers with the help of reviews. It discerns the reviews and provides you with the information on how, where, and what went wrong with the service so you can rectify, improve, and amplify your revenue.

Instant Bookings

With Bridge Bee Dispatch Solution, you are allowed to establish instant bookings for specific delivery partners. Instant booking implies that the partnered delivery agents are available to carry out the delivery request all the time during their duty. This secures a readily deployable delivery unit available for you and meanwhile ensures the smooth cycle of the process.

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