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Benefits of Job portal Similar to Naukri – HR app Clone Script

By March 6, 2019 August 7th, 2019 Job Portal Script
Hiring clone script

Identifying the right company to build your career can take tiresome to new extents. Further, it takes a lot of time just to look for all the companies that have a position for you. HR app is developed with the sole aim to make it easy for you to look for the right positions in companies. It takes a single search to glide through millions of jobs from thousands of companies to look for your opening.

What is the HR App?

It is a mobile application with relevant design and features to assist you to search for your desired designation. The application is set to help both recruiters and applicants in the same way. Users can filter the companies which offer their desired position and apply for the job individually. The companies, on the other hand, can look at all the applicants and their qualification before requesting a F2F interview or whatever their hiring procedure is. Both the applicants and recruiters will have a million other options from which they can cherry-pick based on their requirements.

How does it work?

The applicants have to create a profile with all the information on their qualifications and their desired job. The applicants will be notified on all the opportunities for what they have registered.

How to find your dream job in the HR app?

1. Type your desired position or the industry you want to work in in the search bar.

2. Identify your position from the list and confirm.

3. You can also search with job keywords to proceed faster.

4. You can also find similar jobs from which you can choose if it piques your interest.

5. You will receive alerts for every vacancy that matches your conditions.

Why the HR app?

HR app equips you with extensive search features to assist you in choosing your dream career. You can set up a profile with the required information, which is, of course, simple and easy, and wait until you get a vacancy notification. You can apply, and then sit back and wait once again. The HR app notifies you for every available vacancy updated for your preferred position.

Who can benefit from the HR app?

The HR app is for anyone who is looking for a job. Graduates who missed their placements, professionals who want to move to another company, or people who are simply looking for a change, HR app doesn’t discriminate; it assists everyone who wants to work.

And companies who want hard working personnel to fill the positions can also make good use of the HR app.


• One step registration process- Social media login/register

• Login/Register using a mobile number

• OTP verification using Twilio gateway

• Profile Setup

• Multiple job search

• Advanced level search features to find a desirable job

• Push notifications

• Accept and decline jobs

• Rescheduling of the interview process

• Job Applications Management

• Narrowing Search – Filters

• Job Alerts

• Job Posting Integrations

• Intuitive Job Management

• Push notifications

• Email Notifications

• Exports as CSV, EXCEL, PDF

Check out the end to end features of HR app from HERE

What do you get?

• 2 Android Apps – Job Seeker and Recruiter app

• 2 iOS Apps- Job Seeker and Recruiter app

• 1 Web App- Job Seeker and Recruiter

• 1 Powerful Super Admin Dashboard

Pricing packages

Ultimate Package – For Business Owners

• 2 Android Apps – User app and Provider app

• 2 iOS Apps- User app and Provider app

• 1 Super Admin Dashboard

• Expert Installation

• Play Store Deployment

• Installation Document

• Free support for up to 6 months

• Free SSL installation.

benifits of clone script

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