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How Blockchain Helps Food Delivery Businesses?

Restaurant Management

Pain Point: Substandard Food Delivery and Restaurant Management

Low-quality restaurants have been haunting online food delivery services since their inception. On Sept. 2019, Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) delisted 10500 restaurants from all online food delivery companies as either they were fake or didn’t comply with the food safety standards.

Solution: Since it is nigh impossible to keep a close watch on every restaurant, we have come up with Blockchain KYC to address the problem. Every restaurant requesting registration is approved only after the admin verification and smart contract agreement that again verifies the authenticity of the documents.

The KYC of the restaurants is also made transparent to the customers to earn their trust and loyalty.



Deep Discounting

Pain Point: Low Transparency in Deep Discounting

Deep discounting, a technique that greatly reduces the cost of certain products to push sales, has been a prominent technique of online food delivery platforms. While it increases sales, it decreases the earning of restaurants for the number of units sold. This caused the restaurants to urge the service providers to reduce the commission instead of the cost should they opt for deep discounting.


Smart contract agreement acts as the layer of trust between the service providers and the restaurants with the pre-established discount and commission levels. The agreement prevents either of them from crossing the line or can be programmed to penalize those who overstep the agreement.

Data Masking

Your Uber Eats online food delivery clone application is built with data masking to add an extra layer of security. Despite the data being stored as a chain of blocks adding immutability and data integrity to the application, we wanted to protect your business from hackers, malware, and viruses with an additional layer of security.

Data Masking is obfuscating the data to become unreadable to external agents.

Commission Management

Pain Point: Remuneration is Limited to Commissions

Although online food delivery is a flourishing business, the competition is already at its peak and still growing. So there might occur a possibility that forces businesses to reduce the commission for a competitive edge. This makes it hard for the business to thrive in the industry.


Eatzilla, as a Blockchain-powered online food delivery application, allows you to launch your cryptocurrency as an additional option for payment.

This allows the coin to gain monetary value against the traditional, physical currencies and equip you for future endeavors. Not to mention, you are also provided with tools to promote your coin with discounts and offers.

Crypto Wallet

Inbuilt wallets greatly reduce the payment hassles for your customers. But why limit you Uber Eats clone food delivery business to accept only traditionally currencies when the world is moving towards the revolutionary decentralized currencies?

Along with the traditional digital wallet, we have also integrated an impeccable crypto wallet for your customers to deposit, withdraw, and pay with cryptocurrencies.


Payout Management

Eatzilla is programmed with a powerful payout management system to help businesses to manage finances swiftly and efficiently.

Online food delivery business is one of the businesses where the everyday cash flow is humongous. It is no wonder if the value goes beyond millions. And all the more reason for the food delivery app to have a robust payout management system as the otherwise scenario would lead to terrible repercussions.

Review Explorer

Pain Point: Lack of Transparency

One of the major aspects that makes your customers think twice before ordering is the lack of transparency. And with food being one of the reasons for all the diseases, people are extra cautious about ordering food online.

So how can you make them trust you?


Information! People have always been afraid of the unknown even if it constitutes only a meagre portion. So make every information available for the customers.

Eatzilla Explorer is one of the trademark features of the platform and allows users to explore and check the KYC of restaurants, delivery partners, and their previous orders.


Data Protection

Pain Point: Dwindling Trust of Food Quality

The trust in quality food delivery has been dwindling ever since the rumor that reported restaurants to be packing previous day’s leftovers for online deliveries. And the customers have no way of knowing it until it disrupts their healthy body condition.


By registering the data from procurement of ingredients/raw materials to the completion of cooking into the Blockchain network, users can better know how fresh their food is.

This will, in turn, have the people flocking towards your online food delivery company and potentially allow you to establish a monopoly.

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