Become the Future With the Blockchain powered Uber Eats Clone

Launch your online food delivery business into success and stardom with the mobile application meticulously crafted coupling Blockchain with transformational features and functionalities.


How Blockchain Helps Food Delivery Businesses?

Restaurant Management

Eatzilla, our Blockchain-powered online food delivery clone application equips businesses with simple restaurant management modules. It not only makes it easy to manage the partnering restaurants but also streamlines the management for effective functioning.

Our Uber Eats clone restaurant management feature seamlessly captures the transactions of every restaurant and manages the inventory accurately.


Deep Discounting

We have added the ability to maximize the food orders into our Uber Eats clone.

Deep discounting is a technique where you offer heavy discounts to your customers and push the sales of food products.

Deep discounts promote products in such a way that the customers end up buying more than what they would have bought without the discounts.

Data Masking

Your Uber Eats online food delivery clone application is built with data masking to add an extra layer of security. Despite the data being stored as a chain of blocks adding immutability and data integrity to the application, we wanted to protect your business from hackers, malware, and viruses with an additional layer of security.

Data Masking is obfuscating the data to become unreadable to external agents.

Commission Management

As an online food delivery services provider, what is the heart of your revenue model?

Commission for your services, right?

We have built the Blockchain Uber Eats clone with an effective commission management model to customize your commissions according to the market. Also, the payment of the customers is directed towards your bank, and after the commission is deducted, the payment is remitted to the restaurants.

Crypto Wallet

Inbuilt wallets greatly reduce the payment hassles for your customers. But why limit you Uber Eats clone food delivery business to accept only traditionally currencies when the world is moving towards the revolutionary decentralized currencies?

Along with the traditional digital wallet, we have also integrated an impeccable crypto wallet for your customers to deposit, withdraw, and pay with cryptocurrencies.


Payout Management

Eatzilla is programmed with a powerful payout management system to help businesses to manage finances swiftly and efficiently.

Online food delivery business is one of the businesses where the everyday cash flow is humongous. It is no wonder if the value goes beyond millions. And all the more reason for the food delivery app to have a robust payout management system as the otherwise scenario would lead to terrible repercussions.

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Data Protection

According to statistics, hackers attack every 39 seconds. That’s 2244 times a day. The last thing you want is for your customers to lose the trust in your Uber Eats clone food delivery business, and data breaches can make that happen in an instant.

Sparkout Tech Solutions has incorporated Blockchain into the Uber Eats clones to empower your business with a data structure that is known for data security and protecting data integrity.

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