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3 Reasons why you need Chat Masking in your Airbnb clone application

By April 4, 2019 August 7th, 2019 Airbnb Clone Script
chat-masking rentalslew

Chat Mask is an essential feature to protect your remunerations. There is always a possibility that when a tenant and a rental place lender connect through your site, they can essentially share their personal contact and proceed with the exchange of payment for service leaving you out of the equation. Chat masking feature incorporated in Sparkout Tech’s RentalSlew ensures to keep you in the system.

1. Loss of the Payment You Deserve

Entrepreneurship and business finally grind down to one thing: making money. Although improving the value of service takes priority, wealth also plays a major role as you cannot survive without it. Chat Masking blocks your users from sharing their personal details. You can also prevent them from using certain words like Gmail, Yahoo, and Facebook, etc.

2. Your Enterprise’s Value Will Gradually Depreciate

All the enterprises thrive on the service and value they provide. And the service that doesn’t generate revenue is ought to take a huge toll on the company. It will eventually push you and your company to the brink of bankruptcy and you will no longer be able to compete and flourish in the industry.

3.Appease your clients with safe chat

You can also use chat mask to protect your clients from verbal abuse. You can never know how and when a conversation between a tenant and a lender can go wrong. It is impossible to prevent the conservation from going the wrong way, but you can save your users from mental trauma by blocking the abusive words.

Chat Masking is an essential feature for your customers to feel safe in your website. Further, your business venture should turn into a profitable one. Sparkout Tech Solution’s Airbnb CloneRentalSlew is well equipped with Chat Masking feature to protect you and customers from embarrassing grounds.

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