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Death record management application
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Phillips & Cohen


Finance & Debt collection


USA, UK, Canada, and Australia


Banks, Finance Institutions, Insurance, Mortgages.


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PCA Notifynow Equipping Creditors

Notifynow is one of our long-term projects, live in the market. Partnered with Philps &Cohens Associates, striving to hit the top list in Death records aggregation in the countries such as the US, the UK, Canada and Australia.

The advent of technology is to simplify things, vitalize it over the wisest need to empower the user and amplify business on a larger scale. Death is commonly uncertain. While the importance of maintaining death records is demanded to carry out processing without delay.

Notifynow is an interlink between creditors and notifiers. Through the kith and kin, or other entities like attorneys who are the notifiers, can share notifications to financial institutions like banks, financial institutions, insurance, mortgages, and other utility providers about the passing away of the user. This helps in proceeding with things, claiming, transferring, and closing accounts on time. This helps the variety of service facilitators to stay updated on their users to process the needful immediately.

About Notifynow
Business Goal

Aiming At? - NotifyNow Desires To Top

The foremost objective of Notifynow is to track down the Death records that formulate them according to the need of the creditors from the information collected through notifiers. From there, PCA aims to attain the very first position in the global market in the death records industry, especially in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia.

Challenges/Developing Challenges

Challenges In The Process


A solution is one when there arises a problem. Notifynow is seen as a solution to the challenges faced in the process of death record management. The process to access death data is not easy for an organization as its confidential, also sensitive at the same time. Moreover, being government records they are obliged to security concerns. Where with a SOC2 compliant providing certification certifying authority that simplifies the issue here. Our platform is SOC2 compliant.


The next challenge in working with Notifynow was understanding varied users in the categories. Jotting down the requirements individually in different use cases helped us come up with solutions. The features and functionality inbuilt came together from a cumulative source of research conducted on different users. That can also be stated as the result of 3 different methods for notifiers and creditors aiding convenience with better benefits.

Solution, Achievements

The Win-Win of Notifynow

The objective of Notifynow is to allow users who are the notifiers - who are the deceased kith or kin to their creditors in different intuitions to raise a ticket to transfer and close their financial operations that are carried out. PCA has onboarded a number of financial institutions, banks, etc., on Notifynow that successfully get their work done in a quick phase.

Discovery, Workflow(Design process)

Where It All Started? Where We Are Now With PCA?

Over the years some special notifications happen only when you work for it along with an extra dosage of luck. We were working with one of our US clients on their projects. The work we put in there was truly satisfying and impressed our client and so did Philip & Cohen Associates.

That brought us the offer to work with PCA to work on Notifynow. The moment just happened then. We collaborated with Phillips & Cohen for Notifynow, and now in progress, we are signing up for 5 more projects with PCA along with plans to launch for other multiple companies.

Notifynow is one of the first sets of projects that we worked on from scratch. Now its capabilities are widened and it is still expandable for more.


Design Screens

design screens

Pillars Making The Process

On a narrowed frame, Notifynow can be seen as a correlating partner helping financial institutions, and other utility regulators to get notified on their deceased user through a valid source.

This on a wider scale can solve a lot of input transcending by the service facilitator despite knowing the fact of his user's existence. The three pillars of Notifynow are listed below

Notifiers 1

- the kith or kin of the deceased user. Here it can be a direct nominee or the notification can be sent through third parties like attorneys, etc.

Creditors 2

- are service providers like banks, Financial institutions, utility providers, etc., of the deceased person who availed the services and paid regular bills

Admin 3

- they are the Phillips & Cohen Associates team who are intermediating between the two. They audit, regulate and allow the process.

Deceased person 4

- who is dead and has an account with the creditors, has no major role to play. But their records are needed to be verified to process.

Unique Features

Unique Feature Embedded On Notifynow



  • Create account
  • Notifier informations
  • Departed person info
  • Verify details
  • Connect with creditors


  • Create account
  • Personal Details
  • Verification and approval
  • Fetch information
  • Process accordingly


  • Verifies the users in the platform
  • Intermediates between the two
  • Validates the process
  • Security through SOC2 and encryption
  • Scraping information from third parties
Working model

The Three Method For Data interactions At Notifynow

Through these methods the notifiers communicate with creditors and retrieve data of records. They can upload, download and access them conveniently.

Notifiers also use it because sometimes the notifier is not immediate kin. It can be an attorney or other entity such as a funeral home who are connected with the deceased person and is not biologically or socially related.

The Three Method For Data interactions At Notifynow

Dashboard Method is one of the common processes to share details with the creditors.

Notifier Dashboard

- the notifier dashboard facilitates the users with features to notify the information about the death of the person. It included Notifiers Details collecting information about the kith, Deceased person details explaining the service availed and other information on death. Upload image option which is optional. Choose the creditors option to pick the creditor facilitation services.

Notifiers: After the process is completed, they select the creditors and they are notified. The same will be reviewed by the creditors to process. In case of any additional requirements, the creditor can mention in the fields respectively notifying the notifiers to update and upload the needed information through their dashboard.

Notifier Dashboard
Creditor Dashboard

Creditor Dashboard

- this is also the billing dashboard that includes Banks, insurance, financial institutions, etc., who are service providers. They receive the information from the Notifiers and process the deceased user’s account.

Creditors: They can simply sign up in the system, update their basic details and get them verified by sending an OTP to their e-mail from the Admin dashboard that updates the details of the creditor. On the other hand, the admin can also directly add creditors through the Admin dashboard with basic details.

Admin Dashboard

- here the PCA team works to coordinate and locate things in place, making it easy for all the end users to conveniently participate in the space.

Billing Type: The admin can either set up billing for creditors or leave it to the creditor's choice instead. After the registration is completed, the creditor must complete this billing process in the dashboard in order to consider them as an active participant in the space.

Admin Dashboard

Revenue Model of Notifynow

Record category

Record Category

The records of the death are classified into different categories like A, B, C, Etc. Based on the category of the record, the charges are implied accordingly for download and access.

Creditor Billing

Creditor Billing

The primary revenue model of the platform. It is up to the creditor to choose either of the billing methods for themself.

Subscriptions Benefit
Monthly SubscriptionsUnlimited access to death records
Pays Per HitPayments from creditors are collected each time they access the death record.
Monthly Pay Per HitSimilar to pay per hit, here the billing is marked monthly.

A great app needs the right tools and technology to perform

Back End





Front End








Scraping DataBase





Client Testimonials

Rated 4.8/5.0 by 300+ clients for development services


The Progress With Notifynow

Notifynow is a web application with SOC2-compliant solution that manages death records through highly advanced protocols embedded with extended security features. It is currently functional in 4 countries; the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia. While Phillips & Cohen Associates are curiously onboarding banks, financial institutions, Utility providers, etc., from multiple countries. This ensures that Notifnow is getting much better, also bigger, and we will be a part of its deployment.

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