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Decedent Check - A Complete Death Records Search Tool


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Decedent Check - A Complete Death Records Search Tool

It isn’t easy to derive any other data, Death records are usually highly secured within the governments’ infrastructures. The Australian economy came forth with Decedent Check, which was formerly called Australian Death Check, that brought in the required death data for its users and benefited them merrily.

Decedent Check is a death record confirmation web application. In association with PCA - the Phillips and Cohen Associates ADC is a subordinate to NotifyNow that involves a notifier with creditors of the Decedent users in order to close and proceed with their account.

From operating in the Australian countries, ADC's service expansion is the main reason for its name change to Descendent Check. Moreover, this being the subordinate to Notifynow, it basically involves users who are creditors to derive the information on death records from the database.

Business Goal

What Decedent Check Aims To Achieve?

Decedent Check aims to solve the difficulties in retrieving death records with an extended reach concentrating on a wider spectrum. By managing and maintaining global records by facilitating services across the paramount, PCA believes in achieving its goal as anticipated with an extra dosage of efficiency and better functionalities.

Challenges/Developing Challenges

Decedent Check Taking Over Its Challenges


The ADC platform is designed to facilitate the confirmation of a person's death through the data collected in its database. Creditors like banks, financial institutions, debtors, utility service facilitators and others.


In order to fetch data, it's important to bring in secured and authenticated data for itself. There are different methods involved and supporting them individually through software was technically challenging. Meanwhile, its correlation with Notifynow makes this also SOC2 compliant enhancing security for data abstraction.

Solution, Achievements

Decedent Check's Progressive Solutions To Upscale

The SOC2-compliant on Decedent check makes it highly secure to abstract data. At the same time, its convenience allows users to derive data based on their requirements. PCA's vision to rank on the top among the global communities in Death records is in phase with Decedent Check is a fact. Moreover, the very motivating thing in the process is the success of every little thing. That way to count on Westpac Bank - one of the first banking service facilitators of Australia's invasion into the system is a big motivation to the mission. They have been using the software through Phillips & Cohen for the past 6 months.

Discovery, Workflow(Design process)

The Corridors That Pulled Us Into Decedent Check

Phillips & Cohen Associates is one of our very approachable clients who believe in our capabilities. Beginning with Notifynow, followed by Decedent Check and a few others unrevealed, they are supporting us to push us through challenging situations in order to derive amazing results.

Decedent Check was an idea that came up to support the performance of Notifynow and at the same time act upon its own. We put different combinations into the process to make it equally compatible with COS2 like the other death record maintaining web platform. Finally derived a solution to make it possible for creditors to recheck the information notified through the platform and extract data when needed.


Design Screens

design screens

Working Module Of Decedent Check

Decedent Check works on two major search functions through three open-access methods.

The search functions include

Single search 1

Users search for a particular individual's data and derive very precise results. By filling in the mandatory data, the result for the input can be extracted

Bulk search 2

Through different data set mappers, bulk data can be filtered and extracted accordingly. Here the data set must fit in the .csv file format which the mapper helps to fit in.

Different Methods to Extract Data from Decedent Check.

User Dashboard Method

User Dashboard Method

Through the user dashboard method, the user registers in the web application. After verification and approval, they can check an individual's status and manage everything through the dashboard that is facilitating information. Every Information is easily driven in no hustle.

API Method

API Method

The users who are already into systems can use this method to match and integrate data into theirs. For government records, the API is also provided and paid by the same. Moreover, interlinking Notifynow and Decedent Check to track records is possible using third-party API.

SFTP Method

SFTP Method

Users upload their records on the SFTP server as a .CSV file and facilitate bulk search. Once the process is completed and successful. The creditors or users in the platform will get the main notification about the Death records once after processing is complete.

In order to manage bulk data processing fast and securely in the background, we have brought in Queue functions with Laravel to achieve it.

Revenue Model

The revenue model of the platform is brought in through the user. When the user joins the platform, a certain number of credit points are allocated to them as a bonus. Once they finish they can still make use of the platform and the number of credit points is accounted for and posted as monthly bills in the billing section. Moreover, the users don't face any restrictions in accessing the data when they lack credit points. The billing is calculated based on the additional credits utilized in the month. The status will be changed by the admin in their billing module once paid by the user.

Unique Features

Features Of Admin Dashboard


  • Accurate details on everything from total search, credit points, etc.

Sub admins

  • They can be assigned roles to perform on the platform.


  • They are individuals belonging to Companies.


  • They are entities for users to get registered under one.


  • Explaining the credit data with duly updates.

User Credit History

  • Details on the credit count and payment status of the companies are shown.


  • Similarly, Billing details on the search made, the amount paid, etc., reflect as companies.

Features Of User Dashboard


  • Accurate details on everything from total search, credit points, etc.

Death Check

  • By choosing between the two search types and filling in the details, data are gathered

Add Mapper

  • By choosing the number of fields and their data set, the user can create a mapper.

Mapper List

  • The list of Mappers that the user creates is provided here.

Recent Results

  • Search results that were found recently, appear here.

Credit history

  • The number of credits paid and their status is reflected here.


  • The billing status of the paid credits reflect here and the invoice can be downloaded

Security Feature Of Decedent Check


SOC2 Compliant


Malicious script injections are blocked


File Validation to check the matching formats


Field Validations to check on fields


Token BasedAccess for users using API method

Security Feature Of Decedent Check

A great app needs the right tools and technology to perform

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Back End








Scraping DataBase





Client Testimonials

Rated 4.8/5.0 by 300+ clients for development services


Upscaling Decedent Check

To note, Westpac Bank the leading bank in Australia is currently using Decedent Check. PCA initially planned Decedent Check to work with the Australian Government. Now, the plan is expanded to reach other major countries as well.

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