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Expand your Borders with Eatzilla’s Multilingual Support

By April 2, 2019 August 7th, 2019 Ubereats Clone Script

Online food ordering application is a mobile/desktop platform from which the user can choose delicious cuisines offered in various restaurants (partnered with the application company) and order it to be delivered to his doorstep. He/She can browse through a variety of dishes, compare their prices, and make a decision that besides appeasing his taste bud, helps derive maximum value for his money and time.

Monetize the advent of Smartphone:

The initial phase of smartphone usage along with mobile data was chiefly occupied by the younger generation of every family. They, to a certain period of time, played the role of the chief financial officer in their home on matters dealing with online purchases, largely owing to their modern education in English.

But now, as the smartphone market evolved and data became cheaper, the penetration of mobile phone accompanied by internet is growing swiftly in every middle-class home. Slowly, from father to mother and in certain liberal homes, grandparents too have become expert operators of the smartphone and its allied applications thanks to the millennials. Though, they still lack the confidence the modern generation possesses, in placing online orders through applications, largely owing to their lack of familiarity in English as most of the content in the online world is in English. Certain vested interest groups indulge in various misinformation campaigns of possible financial losses of unbearable scale in case of a misstep in online transactions, alienates the elderly and newbies further.

Build trust an rapport

Language is an important element in building human relationships. Therefore, the food applications, if it needs wider access, should make the multi-language support its central point of strategy. Tutoring the older generation of the benefit of the technology is one thing but to give them the confidence and trust to go ahead with a purchase is a different thing. They should be enabled to learn, see, and feel for themselves and that too if it deals with food, their examination of the items the application seeks to sell will be multidimensional and that can happen only in his mother tongue. This surely helps him overcome his in-built biases and prejudices.

Convert the attracted user into your loyal customer

Food applications do not restrict themselves with just order and pay, they offer discounts periodically, present options to change or cancel the order, gift freebies for certain food items which the user has not tried till now. If all the innovative efforts spent on attracting the customers should bear fruit, offering them in the language familiar to them is the way to go.

A portal to reach out to the entire humanity

As language and lifestyle depend on each other, a user belonging to one linguistic group can be convinced to try the food which is traditionally identified with another group if the convincing is carried out in his language. Statistics clearly indicate sports channels offering content in regional languages are preferred over their English counterparts even by the viewers who are familiar in English. If one’s own language can have an influence on the choice of leisurely activities like sports, the extent of impact the multi-language support can cause to the user’s choice in the food applications is huge. A content provided in one’s mother tongue builds familiarity with him and familiarity breeds respect. And respect is a win-win for both the customer and business.

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