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Benefits of UberEats Clone Script | Food Delivery App | Eatzilla

By March 1, 2019 October 18th, 2019 Ubereats Clone Script
Food Delivery App - eatzilla

The world has become faster and people are constantly and endlessly in a race for validation, respect, money, and everything that 24 hours a day is far lesser time. People are already short on time that they cannot spare any for household chores, especially cooking if one is not passionate enough. It is the race that led to the rise of the food delivery industry. The visionaries envisioned a revolution in the food industry and seized the opportunity to embark on their food delivery business. The leaders of the industry like Uber, Grab, Swiggy, and Zomato is at their zenith because of their decisions at the right time. And, the window is still open.

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What is Eatzilla?

Eatzilla is the best online food ordering and delivery script available for everyone in the market. It is highly vaunted for its relevant and user-friendly interface to make it easy for our clients to book and savor the myriad of toothsome dishes. Eatzilla incorporates the best features of Swiggy, Zomato, GrubHub, Ubereats with its own unique, customizable design making it distinctive in the market.
Further, Eatzilla is developed using open source platforms like Laravel and PHP to bring in the option of customization to meet our client’s specifications.

Who benefits through Eatzilla?

Eatzilla and its team is dead-set to empower its clients by providing them with the ever-updating piece of hard work; the question is, are you going to make the most out of the offer? Or are you going to wait it out and be like everyone else?

  • Hurry up and buy our product.
  • Customize it as per your stipulation.
  • Forge connections with the restaurants and get lucrative commissions for every order they get through Eatzilla

Increase your revenue by 75% by posting an advertisement for the restaurants

You can also sell tickets for the events organized by the restaurants and makeup to 15% of your average revenue.

What do you get?

2 Android Apps – Delivery partner and User app

    • 1 Web App-
    • Super Admin Dashboard
    • Restaurant Dashboardfood delivery app eatzilla

      Pricing packages

      Base Package for Tech Savvies – $ 249

    • You get –
    • 2 Android apps – Delivery partner and User app source codes
    • 1 Web app- source code
    • 1 Super Admin Dashboard and Restaurant dashboard
    • Installation Document
    • Ultimate Package – For Business Proprietors

    • 2 Android Apps – Delivery partner and User app
    • 1 Web app
    • 1 Super Admin Dashboard & Restaurant Dashboard
    • Expert Installation
    • Play Store Deployment
    • Installation Document<
    • Free support for up to 6 months


Real-Time Order Tracking:

Eatzilla enables our client to pinpoint the exact location of the delivery agents in the map view. Frequent order status is updated in case of any unexpected or unpredictable delays to put out clients at ease.

Nearby Restaurants:

Eatzilla has a special feature to look for nearby restaurants. The users can view the location of the adjacent or nearby restaurants either in Map view or List view. In List view, the restaurant ratings and the distance from your delivery address are provided so that the user can choose better.

Booking Supported by all Platforms:

Have a laptop or a mobile phone with an internet connection? That’s all one needs to enjoy a succulent dish of his/her choice. Eatzilla in available in all the platforms. Web, Android, iOS, you name it, we got it.

Commission Management System:

Below are the two ways with which the business proprietor and the restaurant can split the commission.

Type 1:

Eatzilla’s Commission Management System splits the total amount paid by the customer into two parts

1. Restaurant’s remittance.

2. Commission for the business proprietor.

Our fully automated Commission Management System calculates the commission and splits the total amount to send it to the restaurant and to the service provider directly.

Type 2:

The restaurant and the business proprietor can get into an agreement for a monthly commission. The payment made by the user is first credited to the restaurant’s bank account directly. And the restaurant will send the commission weekly, or biweekly, or monthly.

In addition to getting a commission from the restaurants for every order through EatZilla, the business owner can earn commission through add-ons for restaurants on request. Business owners can also earn approximately 75% of their revenue through advertising. It is also possible to make 15% of their revenue through ticket sales for events organised by the restaurants.

food delivery app

Payment through Secure Gateway:

Eatzilla allows its users to make payment using debit/credit cards, Paypal, or E-wallet through secure gateways. Cash is Delivery is also made viable.

Referral System:

Eatzilla’s customers can earn eye-catching rewards and discounts for every successful sign-in from referrals.

Transport agents’ earning projection:

This feature helps the agents to keep track of their earnings. The agent can not only view the total agent but also filter and view his earning for a particular day, week or a specific period.

Site Earnings:

The Admin can view the earnings which include the total amount in the site, transporters’ earning, restaurant earning, and site earning, in Admin Dashboard.

Push Notification:

Push notification can be used to send special offers, coupon codes, and other promotional aspects to amplify the prospects.

Checkout the end to end features of Eatzilla HERE

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