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Handyman Service Scheduling Software | Gojek Clone Script – Service Joy

By February 22, 2019 May 17th, 2019 Gojek Clone Script
handyman booking software

The world’s getting smaller with every passing day, but life is not simple and easy, not anymore. People are hustling 24X7 for their career and to achieve financial freedom. There is not really any time to go to a hotel and have supper, we just to rely on food delivery agencies. No time to drive; we just take an Uber, and we work as we travel.

A lot tend to dig and look deeper, but in reality, it becomes a keyhole. They oversee opportunities that are simply lying on the surface. And one such opportunity has fruited in the name of Service Joy.

What is Service Joy?

Service Joy is an On-demand multi-service solution that incorporates online food orders, taxi dispatch, grocery solutions, and etcetera.

There ensued huge chaos in the ride-hailing market when Uber exited from Southeast Asia. But was soon replaced by the unicorn “Go-Jek”. Go-Jek introduced their multi-service apps at the befitting time which led to them conquering the market.

Enthralled by Go-Jek, Service Joy empowers you to deliver a number of services all under the single roof.

Online food ordering solution – Hungry? Order your favorite dish through our Service Joy- Food app without any hassles

On-demand Handyman script – Say Goodbye to the tiresome and furious job of searching your handyman provider. Now, book the best handyman in your locality in just a few clicks.

Taxi dispatch solution – Worried about Traveling? Annoyed about waiting for your ride? Book your ride instantly with discounted prices and offers. No more wait time with Service Joy- taxi app

Uber for courier – Deliver any type of package to anyone rapidly without any hassles with our Courier services

On-demand Grocery solution – Looking to amplify your grocery business. Join Service Joy and aggrandize your profits through online bookings

Logistics booking script – For logistical needs, our Service Joy, Cargo troops are ready to help you.

How does one get benefited through Service Joy?

Through the commission management system, you can choose the revenue model and set up lucrative deals with your partners for every order placed through your application (Service Joy). There are two ways through which the business proprietor can draw the split up for the commission.

Type 1:

• Our commission management is designed to split the amount paid by the customer into two parts: Commission and Provider’s remittance.

• Service Joy’s fully automated commission management system splits the customer’s charge and sends the provider’s remittance to the provider’s account and the commission to the business owner’s account directly for every order.

Type 2:

• The business proprietor can choose to receive the commission from all his providers – Restaurants, Logistics, Grocery, Handyman, Courier, and etc. – on a monthly basis.

• The payment made by the client is credited as a whole to the provider’s account, and only then the provider will send the commission to the business proprietor monthly or weekly based on the agreement.

Proprietors can increase their revenue by many folds with the help of advertisements and by adopting digital marketing techniques. Sparkout Tech provides the best digital marketing services to enhance your reach in a short time.

For all the budding entrepreneurs who are toiling to plants their roots deep, Service Joy is the ideal choice for a myriad of people who are eagerly waiting for such an easy-to-use platform.

Since the demand is evident, it is conspicuous that your business will reach new heights.

What do you get?

• 2 Android Apps – User app and Provider app

• 2 iOS Apps- User app and Provider app

• Powerful Super Admin Dashboard

gojek clone script

You get

• 2 Android apps – User and Provider app source codes

• 1 Powerful Super Admin Dashboard

• Installation Document

Ultimate Package – For Business Owners

• 2 Android Apps – User and Provider app

• 2 iOS Apps- User app and Provider app

• 1 Super Admin Dashboard

• Expert Installation

• Play Store Deployment

• Installation Document

• Free support for up to 6 months

• Free SSL Installation

Base Package for Tech Savvies – $ 249

gojek clone script handyman service


• Social Media – Login/Register • Login with Mobile Number

• OTP Verification

• Profile Setup

• Request Service

• Booking Cancellation

• Real-time Tracking

• Wallet Integration

• Individual cart for all the services

• Fare Calculator

• Payment Integration – PayPal/Stripe

• In-App Navigation

• Geolocation

• Ratings & Reviews

• Push Notifications

• Email Notifications

• Order Status Tracking

• History of Completed Orders

• Multiple Service Bookings

• Provider Availability Toggle

• Provider Accept/ Reject Request

• Order Status Tracking

• History of Orders

• Referral System (Invite & Earn)

• Marking Favorites

• Exports as CSV, Excel, PDF.

Check out the end to end features of Service Joy from HERE

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