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Before we talk about the “how?”, we think it’s a good idea to look at the “why?” Because you all might be wondering why all this fuss about a food delivery app when there are plenty of them out there. So, we are going to take it from the top and work our way to where the rubber actually meets the road.

A brief history

The online food ordering and delivery industry has boomed in a very dramatic way ever since its inception. It has allowed new opportunities to restaurants, helping them expand their customer base and providing new employment opportunities to many people.

Food delivery is not something new, it has been around for a very long time. If we take a closer look into the history of food delivery, we can see that it has been functioning from around 753 B.C. – 476 A.D., at the time of Ancient Rome. So, it’s pretty clear that even people back then looked for a convenient way to get their food.

Perhaps the simplest example of this is the milk we get every morning for that refreshing bowl of breakfast cereal. Milk delivery has been documented to have been functioning since as early as the 1780s. But the food delivery we all remember well is perhaps our beloved pizza delivery. The terms “let’s order pizza” and “pizza night” have been familiarized to us by the iconic TV commercials of the 90s. Picking up the telephone and dialing to your favorite pizza place was a joy and still gives us that feeling of the yesteryears when we think about it.

Today, we can order anything using our mobile phones, and we get it delivered right onto our doorsteps. As time passes on, we look for change. Change that brings us convenience and better results. This is why we use technology.

What’s wrong with the current food delivery platforms?

Eatzilla was born out of our own struggles and experiences using online food ordering and delivery platforms. Ever since we started this company, our goal was to change lives for the better and give the world the best in technological innovation.

When we were searching for ideas, our goal was to either come up with a totally new idea that had a big impact or make an existing idea better than it ever was before. With Eatzilla, we were able to do both.

The online food ordering and delivery platforms have had kinks in their system since their inception. Although customers complained about the problems, the companies did little to rectify them. We saw a great opportunity here because by solving these problems and creating an entirely new platform, newer companies could break into an industry that was dominated by giants and do this without much effort.

So, let’s take look at some of the problems with the current online food delivery systems.

Lack of food quality

This problem has haunted online food delivery platforms from the very start and continues to do so today. The reason is that there is no real way of verifying the quality of restaurants until you order something online, and actually try the food out. It’s not just a matter of getting tasty food, its also about a growing health hazard that gets millions of people around the world rushing to the emergency room every year.

Food-related illnesses are one of the major causes of hospital bills all over the world. Even though we might get a well packaged and beautifully put together food product, we have no way of knowing if it was prepared in hygienic conditions. Any restaurant can post a profile on an online food delivery platform and add their food to the listing.

We can solve this problem by conducting quality checks on the restaurants. But there too, checking each and every restaurant is not a practical, task especially for online food ordering platforms that are essentially businesses on their own right. Furthermore, just a single quality check would not cut it because the quality of a restaurant can deteriorate at any time. This calls for regular inspections that are just not practical.

Deep discounting

Deep discounting is a very effective technique used by online on-demand platforms to drive in the number of sales. Here, the online food delivery platforms impose heavy discounts on products listed online, hoping to attract more customers. And this technique does work, but for the restaurant partners, this means lower income. It’s very hard to consistently thrive in any industry and lower-income jeopardizes the restaurant’s effort to make ends meet. This drives them to urge online food delivery platforms to reduce their commissions rather than the effective cost per unit, should they opt for deep discounting. There is no proper guideline or regulation to decide initiatives such as deep discounting and to keep each party from crossing the line.

Commission-based remunerations

At the end of the day, everybody involved has to make ends meet. As an online food ordering and delivery system service provider, you are running a business and for any business to grow, there needs to be comprehensive income and profit.  The current food delivery systems run on a commission-based remuneration system for the service providers and having a revenue model with a single source of income can be a challenge in the long run. If you are a new service provider setting foot into the food delivery industry, you would need a good amount of investment. Fundraising through investors would be a good idea but with only a single source of income, it might be hard to convince investors to invest.

Fake orders and order manipulation

This is another issue that affects revenue and is just simply a waste of time and resources. For one, fake orders happen when someone orders food to an illegitimate address or person, either on purpose or by accident. The food assigned to these orders can’t be given to other customers and even though food delivery services now have hubs where these food items are taken to, the service providers have to pay the restaurant for an order the customer didn’t pay for. This again is another setback in the income department.

Then again, all of these platforms essentially run on the same technology and their security measures are practically the same. If someone were to hack into the system, they could wreak havoc on the existing orders and that would be a major setback.

Delivery partners functioning using fake identities

This again is an issue that online food delivery systems have had since the very start. And not just the food delivery platforms, delivery partners have been using fake identities on almost every on-demand service provider platform around the world. Even you would have ordered some food off of an online service or booked a cab and the driver was not whom you saw on the app. This is a grave breach of security and jeopardizes the trust between the customer and the delivery service platform.

All of these problems keep circling around on way or another and no one has effectively found a solution to overcome them. If we can create a platform where we can not only provide but ensure quality and trust, then the market is bound to work to our advantage.

This is exactly what Eatzilla does.

And behold Eatzilla, the world’s first Blockchain-powered online food ordering system…

Eatzilla is built with a purpose and when we were finishing up the research and development process for the project, we knew that we had a game-changer on our hands. Eatzilla is a very versatile and effective solution for budding businesses and startups to make their mark and break into the online food ordering and delivery industry. We knew that our answer was in blockchain and we found the perfect solution with Hyperledger.

We saw that the number one issue connected to all of the problems was trust. So, how do you ensure trust on an online platform? I mean, can you trust anybody on the web these days? The answer is simple, you take the factor of trust completely out of the equation. And that’s exactly what Blockchain does.

Eatzilla runs on the revolutionary and open-source Hyperledger Sawtooth blockchain. Hyperledger is an umbrella project by the Linux Foundation that consists of various frameworks and tools aimed at promoting global collaboration by companies on a cross-industry scale. It provides private distributed ledger solutions that enable developers to make ground-breaking Blockchain-based applications. Things that were just not possible with the conventional technology that we have been using to date.

Now, let’s take a look at how Eatzilla saves the day.

Maintaining Transparency and Privacy

The Hyperledger Blockchain technology combines the best of both worlds by maintaining a healthy level of transparency while safeguarding the privacy of the firms and individuals involved.

Blockchain-powered KYC verification

Restaurants: Both restaurants and delivery partners have to submit their KYC details before they can start functioning on the Eatzilla decentralized online food delivery platform. But this goes beyond just identification details. We knew that if we wanted to ensure the quality of the food, we needed something a bit more concrete than just supporting documents. That’s why we took this to the root level.

On Eatzilla, restaurants not only update the status of the food being prepared but also make timely updates on the procurement of raw materials. When the customer makes an order, they even get information on when the raw materials were purchased. And all of this is added to the Hyperledger Blockchain. This is something that no other platform has been able to do before, and this way, the service provider can effectively guarantee the quality of the food being delivered.

Delivery partners: Blockchain-powered KYC verification for delivery partners solves the age-old problem of fake identities. But simply verifying a delivery partner does not guarantee it. That’s why delivery partners have to make timely KYC verifications and authentications while on the job. Their KYC details including biometric data will be stored on a private Hyperledger blockchain.

Eatzilla Explorer

The Eatzilla Explorer is one of the prime features of the platform. It is what makes blockchain-based verifications and authentications so effective. If we think about it, having KYC verifications as a regulatory measure alone doesn’t give any guarantee to quality.

A customer on the Eatzilla platform can search any restaurant and delivery partner on the Eatzilla explorer, and view limited KYC data related to them. And when we say limited, it means that although we provide KYC details on the restaurants and delivery partners, no private personal data will be shared. So, how does that work? Because normally on a public blockchain network, the data is publicly available to everyone. We can do this is because Eatzilla uses the Hyperledger private blockchain. Hyperledger is a “permissioned” blockchain which means that you make certain data available to users that we permit. So, we get the immutable storage and security of blockchain technology, with the highest level of privacy.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are no less revolutionary than the technology that drives it. A smart contract is a self-executing contract with certain criteria predefined in the code. Eatzilla implements smart contracts on tasks such as discounts, commission payouts, salary payouts, refunds, etc., and acts as an extra layer of trust between all the parties involved. Smart contracts are coded with at most care and precision. This is because once these codes go live, there is nothing anyone can do about it. They can’t be changed or altered as they function on the blockchain platform.

These contracts make sure that no one crosses the line and that everyone gets what they are owed. Even in case of a dispute, all the data is stored on the immutable storage of the Hyperledger blockchain. No one can withhold payouts or refunds, which establishes that all-important thing called trust.

New Sources of Income

For a startup or an entrepreneur, the income they drive in relates to how much growth they can expect in the future. And if you are a company trying to break into an industry such as the online food ordering system, you would need a decent amount of funding for it.

First of all, you would need an investor to invest in your business, and that’s not easy to come by. And even if you do get the platform up and running, depending on commissions alone would take you a long time to generate a comprehensive amount of income, and like any other business, it is susceptible to market fluctuations.

Here is where we plan to change things up a bit. And the answer is on the decentralized crypto circuit.

Eatzilla is a decentralized online food delivery platform that enables you to launch your own ERC20 crypto token. You can raise funds for your business using your ICO token and drive in investors. You can customize the token just the way you like and make it a part of your platform’s ecosystem.

Once your token gains popularity, you can list it on popular cryptocurrency exchanges and since they are ERC20 tokens running on the Ethereum blockchain, any exchange that supports Ether will support your token too. Now, you are on your way to building a successful decentralized business empire.

blockchain-food-delivery-appThe Opportunity is Waiting For You

Blockchain technology is undoubtedly the future and the world has only brushed the surface of what it can do for us. We as humans always look for change and for better ways to get things donw. Eatzilla is truly a revolutionary platform and will change the face of online food ordering and delivery systems forever. It is the much-needed step into the future and hosts a world of new possibilities for startups and entrepreneurs. The world is ready for a change, the question is, are you?




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