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How to start a food delivery startup business with Eatzilla

The online ordering of food is becoming a widespread phenomenon among people. With just a tap on the phone, you can sit and order food from anywhere and the food will be delivered right at your doorstep. In today’s fast-paced world people do not have the time to cook most of the time or they just want to consume some good food but do not want to cook. Many times office going people aren’t able to cook lunch for themselves so they need to order. The online food delivery business startup are gaining huge business and success among the people. A recent census shows that between the years 2018 and 2023 the online food business is likely to grow more than 3 times when compared with the traditional form of eating outlets. In the United States more than half the customers are in the habit of ordering food online. Restaurants are using various platforms to sell their food online. Startup owners must have sound knowledge in understanding online customer behaviour and the logistics system.

Advantages of online food delivery system

The online system for ordering food is much more convenient for customers. Customers do not have to wait in long queues to collect their orders. A lot of time is wasted in this way. Consumers these days do not have a single minute to waste. Therefore, customers can order food just with a tap on their smartphone and their ordered food lands at their doorstep without much of hassles. People would become more efficient in their work. They do not have to cater to the customers in person. Therefore, their entire concentration lies in delivering the best quality food to every customer. This proves to be very important for startups. The concept of wrong ordering is totally eradicated. After the order is received online the owners focus on its delivery within a limited timeframe which can be the USP of the startup.

Steps to start an online food business

Before you go ahead and start an online food business immediately you need to do proper market research. With years of market research, you will come across various facts that might cause a problem to your startup. You have the find the solution to overcome the hurdles with the help of your team. In order to climb the ladder, you need to set a goal for your business. At the same time, you need to finalize what are the marketing ways you are going to adopt so as to spread your business. As the business is online, therefore you will want to select various forms of social media to create awareness about your brand.

Website development

The website of your startup must cater to the needs of your prospective customers. Moreover, the website must be developed in such a manner that it doesn’t take much time to load. If your website isn’t responsive enough then your customers won’t wait long. They will immediately switch over to the other startup who happens to be your competitor. At the same time, it must be customer friendly with a beautiful user interface. In addition to this, you must also go for a food delivery app development for use in smartphones. Many a time, it is not possible for the customer to log into his computer and then order his food. The smartphone comes handy in this scenario. With just a tap on the smartphone, the food can be ordered and delivered at the doorstep of the customer.


Any customer will first land on your homepage and that’s why it requires to be designed meticulously. Customers on seeing this page will gather information as well as create an impression of your brand. A catch tagline must be provided to your business so that it grabs your customer’s attention. There must be a search button at the top for your customers to select the right food for themselves. Apart from that, the GPS function must be enabled so that customers can change location as per their wish. It’s not always the same place where a customer would order his food. Maybe he is in his office and he wants the food to be delivered there.

How does it work?

The how it works section must be added to your website so that first time and unaware customers get a hang of what’s going on. This portion will inform the customers about the process of ordering food, the process of payment and the options, process of tracking your order, and how to filter restaurants which are providing discounts at a particular time.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings of other customers must be added on your website. In fact, you must encourage your customers to list down their experience on your website. The reviews will help other customers to decide in a better way for themselves thereby creating profits for your business.


The procedure of login must be made very simple and less time-consuming. There are people who have a habit of forgetting their passwords. In that case, he can log in using his social media platforms and email id. These sites are always kept logged in.

Inform customers about food listings

The customers must be kept informed about the various kinds of foods that are available on your website. In fact, you must help your customers know which food is what by jotting details about them below the image. High definition images must be used so that customers can be attracted. At the same time, you can also tag various cuisine as Bestsellers for your client to select in a better manner. Help your customers customize their food by jotting every detail minutely. Your customer must be able to customize their food according to their choice.

Apart from this, your customers must be provided with thorough information about their payment history Various kinds of payment procedures must be added with proper safety for the security of the customers. Apart from this, the customer service team must be able to answer the customer’s queries. It might so happen that the food isn’t arriving on time and the delivery boy isn’t picking the call. In that situation, when a customer calls up the customer care team they must be prompt enough to help the client. The order status must be reported to the customer every now and then so that the customer is kept informed about what exactly is happening.

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