How we built the World’s First Blockchain powered Food Delivery System: Eatzilla – Developer Stories

By April 6, 2020 April 7th, 2020 Blockchain, food delivery app development
How we built the World's First Blockchain powered Food Delivery System Eatzilla - Developer Stories

Everything that makes an impactful change in the world would have a story to tell. And Eatzilla is no exception. In other words, Eatzilla is the dream of four passionate innovators who strive to do one thing. Make a change.

Four years ago, we started a company with a dream. A dream of making lives all over the world better. And how do we do that? Through technology and innovation. It wasn’t much in the beginning. We were a small team, a very small team. But often the greatest of things start out small and what drove us forward was that all four of us shared the same dream. Within just a year we expanded our family from a group of four innovative professionals to a team of 25. Now, we are a family of more than 60 professionals, striving to bring the best innovative projects to life.

Our first step was to find a problem to address. We wanted to pick something highly relevant in the present scenario and the solution to which should have a positive and measurable impact on the world and its people. We didn’t have to venture out far because the problem was a lot closer to home. All of us being working professionals had little time to spend on cooking and most of the food we ate was ordered from restaurants through online food delivery platforms.

Taking this into account, we tested all of the online food ordering platforms in the market today and realized that they were good at what they do, but were far from perfect. We noticed that trust was one of the major problems of the present food delivery platforms. After extensive research, we learned that everything from the authenticity of the food delivery partners to the assurance of the quality of the restaurants was looking pretty shady. And as we dug deeper, we understood that only one thing could make this wagon work and move it forward. Blockchain.

We always talked about how Blockchain is the solution to real-life problems that haunt just about every industry and business. We founded BlockchainX, which is a subsidiary of Sparkout Tech, just for that reason. And now it was time to put this theory to practice. So, we made Eatzilla.

blockchain-food-delivery-appThe Geeky Stuff

We were excited to work on this project. Not only were we making a revolutionary platform that has the potential to build successful businesses, but we were also taking one step closer to bringing our vision to life.

This project was a great learning experience for our team of dedicated and skilled developers. They all shared the same passion as we did, always seeing every project as their first, and putting everything they have into them. And Eatzilla was no exception. With that said, there were many obstacles we had to face.

We decided that our answer lies with blockchain. But now, we had to choose which blockchain technology to choose that will suit our project the best. We narrowed it down to the Hyperledger Sawtooth Blockchain. Sawtooth is an open-source enterprise blockchain solution under the Hyperledger umbrella by the Linux Foundation that keeps ledgers distributed and ensures smart contract safety. It was perfect because it’s flexible and modular architecture allowed us to make features plug-and-play, which means that the chances of it failing are little to none.

Event-Driven programming was new to our team. In Hyperledger sawtooth, events are generated through the messaging queue (Zero Messaging Queue) and had to go through the Protocol Buffers. At first, we were planning to go with the protocol buffers, but Protocol buffers are not officially supported by Node.js. During the development phase, we faced several issues with the messaging queue and protocol buffers. So, we decided to implement the WebSocket method of getting events through the JSON format. This was great for us because we were already well-versed in it.

We were also planning to give both a lottery-based and voting-based system to our users in terms of consensus. But during the testing phase of Eatzilla, we realized that the forking that happens in the lottery-based system is not suitable for the enterprise world.

food delivery app tech stackMeet Eatzilla, the food delivery Godzilla of the future


With all that said and done, Eatzilla is a project that we truly believe in. It is the product of years of research and months of development and testing. We believe that Eatzilla is the future and can drive the food delivery unicorns of the future.

Brace yourselves, cause the future is here.

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