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Steps to build your first mobile application

By December 30, 2019 Mobile App Development
mobile app development

Are you thinking about possessing a mobile application for your own business? Well, do you think that it drives in more customers as they can even avail your products and services sitting at any corner of the world? This is not always right. It works for some businesses and for others it doesn’t. The entire working of the mobile app depends from one business to another. There are certain steps which a mobile app developer uses to design and launch a mobile app. All the steps listed below does not imply for all business firms. It’s always good if you chalk out your own strategy. Let’s have a look at the steps. 

  • Get hold of a notion or an obstacle 

 Do you already possess an idea of how you should build your own mobile app? If you don’t then you must have problems in your business. Problems are easily available. All the successful business entities are in a fortunate position today because they have been able to figure out their obstacles and resolve them one by one. In fact, they have resolved their problems in the most creative way possible. If you look around yourself then you will notice that all the products are designed to eradicate human obstacles. As soon as humans found it difficult to move from one place to another in the fastest way possible then aeroplanes came into being. Humans found it difficult to solve complex sums with the help of their mind and then the calculator came into existence. So start jotting down your obstacles today and figure out answers for each one of them. 

  • Figure out the demand 

 Certification will confirm the requirement of a mobile app. In order to figure out whether there will be a demand for your mobile app or not you can log into Google Keyword Planner tool. This tool lets you find out the number of people looking for the services or products you are aiming to provide them with. In the meantime, you can also create a landing page that showcases the notion behind your app and mail your clients in order to check their interest. 


  • Chalk out the attributes of your mobile app 

 After the certification of the idea of an app, you can take one more step ahead. It is the right time to chalk out the details of your new to be framed product. When you are jotting down the details and specifications about your product then be very careful as not to make any mistakes. In addition to this, you must also list down the various characteristics of your product and how a user must navigate through your mobile app. Specifications will help the developer of the mobile app to understand your needs and concerns for your customers. 

  • The core value must be paid heed to 

 After you have created a list of attributes that you will want your developer to include into your mobile app you can now start removing the unnecessary features. Keep the core value of your app ingrained. Restrain yourself from including the mobile app features which can be included later on if required. The unnecessary features must be kept away from your mobile app so that your hard-earned money can be saved and it can always be included and updated later on if required. A simple yet effective mobile app proves to be a better option for marketing purposes for the enterprises. 

  • Emphasize on the design of the mobile app

 Many businessmen make the mistake of keeping their app design simple and basic. Rather they emphasize more on the development part. Designing of the mobile app might seem to be a wastage of money for many but it actually provides a great user-interface to your customers. It’s not just how your app appears to be. Therefore, you must seek for a developer for whom the primary concern is the design of your mobile app. 

  • Appoint a developer 

 Search for a development company who has the expertise and talented pool of developers. App development is not an easy task. The company must be prestigious and also have experience in dealing with challenging projects. For doing so, you need to search online. You must check their portfolio and their work. If you happen to like any of the apps that the company created then it might be the right one for you. 

  • Construct a developer account 

 In order to sell your app through any particular app store, you need to register yourself with them. You can register your app either as an individual or as a company. 

  • Make use of analytics 

With the help of analytics, you can always keep a record of the number of users of your app, a number of times it has been downloaded, and the position of your app in the market. Apps such as Flurry and Localytics help you with the work of analytics.The first app is available for free while the second app can be availed both in free and paid versions. 


  • Take feedback positively and make changes to your app

As soon as your app receives the green signal to go live it does so. After that, you can track down the behaviour of the customers who engage themselves in your mobile app. At the same time, you must also work on modernizing and upgrading your apps for the benefit of the customers as well as your business. Apps require enhancements from time to time therefore feedbacks from customers must always be kept under check. 

  • Offer advanced features 

 The app which your developer has already developed for you contains the core features and it is limited in number. After a particular time period, you must introduce the left-out features into your app for the benefit of the users and the business. With the help of analytics and feedback, you will get to know which features to include and which ones to omit. 



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