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Use Cases of Blockchain in Healthcare

By January 23, 2020 Blockchain, Healthcare
use cases of blockchain in healthcare

A big leap in the healthcare industry is a colossal advancement towards Blockchain and AI. They have acquainted the health industry with modern tools, making the industry much more secure, amenable and laden with resources. The leading companies that participate in the healthcare space have emerged as the leaders by ratifying core Blockchain technologies. The upcoming few years are critical for the growth of Blockchain and also, some researches have proven that the global blockchain tech in the healthcare industry is entrenched to grow at 64% CAGR.

The healthcare arena is seeing manifold advantages from taking up this core technology and consolidating it across security, privacy, compliance, and regulation as well. There are four prime uses for blockchain in this industry. The first two associate to applications for managing pharmaceutical supply chain data and clinical trial data. The third use case associates in conducting the processes for healthcare insurance submission. The fourth, and super imperative one, refers to applying blockchain for safekeeping and managing patient healthcare records. Blockchain offers one of a kind perks that any software can provide, from a technological point of view. 

To date, there is no other component or any additional tech resources that can match with Blockchain. Blockchain has outpassed market notions in the realm, from data storage to interoperability no other technology is on its level. The savings gleaned from the blockchain technology far outweigh the costs. The Rate Of interest in endorsing Blockchain has been overwhelming, with numerous companies adopting this as an integrated resource. This quick tech fix can be installed on the desired basis within quite specific domains.


Momentous Progress in the Healthcare Arena

Numerous IT providers are also entering the field as they are working with the leading innovators in the industry while bestowing exclusive perks to the firms. They are developing various integrations with IBM, Google and Facebook to determine the best-case scenarios for Both, Aetna and Anthem are working with Blockchain to introduce new value-add in the field. They’re using the flexibility and the multi-dimensional capabilities of the technology to add more compelling value-adding novelty in the space. With abetment by the core technology, all things from data analytics to core healthcare processes are better optimized. Nowadays, more and more insurers are choosing smart contracts, which directly absorb info from the patient without the requirement of critical personal information.

This is a secure method to merge with technology and discern the value that it brings to the table. Adding on, Blockchain in the healthcare industry is proving to be extremely useful in the EHR space as well, making the doctors and specialists more synchronized with the information being shared across demanding systems.

healthcare Comprehensive Research in the Area of Blockchain and Healthcare

Various alternatives have been developed by the researchers for the conventional methods of storing information and leveraging databases. The deviation is towards a more comprehensive model wherein Blockchain is the pragmatic solution while the field is still being dominated by technologists having total command over emerging technologies. The technology firms are curating the latest formats of leveraging the core tech behind Blockchain and there is an urgent need to amalgamate the prowess of Blockchain with other technologies to develop a more balanced perspective to integration.


Use cases of Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain has been actively used by leading companies to advance Healthcare security. Blockchain has been leveraged broadly for enhancing data storage and patient private documents. The technology has been extensively used to make sure that the Healthcare value chain is competent. This is imperative to know as many in the industry are exploring the full potential of the technology and developing subtle fixes that depend on Blockchain technologies. 


Escalation of Healthcare security due to Blockchain

There are numerous points in the patient jaunt that Blockchain can aid, from the patient introduction to billing. It provides advanced security in the value-system so that no information is exploited and all compliances are being followed as per the rules and also there is better control over the information flowing from one end to another. If ideally used, various malpractices like Healthcare fraud to incoming threat detection can be identified, and various application of the technology that is yet to be explored fully. Blockchain should be viewed as a holistic standpoint from a leader’s point of view and as the patient’s data travels from one centre to another, it becomes critical, this is where Blockchain can share secure information across a laid-out pathway. The basic nature of Blockchain promises that there are no sole nodes that can capture the whole information at one point and the distributed ledger providing data integrity as well, contributing equally to the entire network’s success.


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