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Professional Benefits

Are you an ideator? A Creative
Enthusiast Wanting to Innovate?

Sparkout Tech is a team of creative enthusiasts, we believe in empowering together. We understand and value everyone’s personal space and individual abilities. We ensure to upscale and upskill them by all means.

Work From Home

Leave Encashment Options

To be there for the team and the company is a commitment provided over other choices and we always value that. We also owe to appreciate their commitment here.

Flexible Timings

Paid Maternity/Paternity Leaves

Personal and professional time has to be handy. There is no priority over each other while both have their priority with time, which we understand and acknowledge.


Free Health Insurance

Quality of life is what matters more than other qualitative parameters. To be progressive and propelling, health matters and we care for our employees by all means.


Earned Privilege Leaves

Consistency is the key, and appreciation unlocks super levels of consistency. Our Privilege leaves are a token of appreciation for employees to be consistent.

Team Building

Employee Assistance Programs

Our Employee assistance programs are upskill training and opportunities we facilitate on the premises and outside, that open an arena of possibilities to seek and share!

Parental Leaves

Employee Recognition Programs

The more seen, the more they shine. Recognition is not a motivation but a gesture to appreciate an employee's potential contributions which itself is a motivating tool.

Balances And Culture

We Provide The Right Space And The Mindset
For A Mutual Growth!

Other Benefits

We Ensure To Facilitate
A Collaborative Ecosystem

Co-working is essential in a working space. Being legit with deadlines and tasks, the balanced relationship between employees and their team is very important. Sparkout ensures to be the village for its employees, believing in growth as one, together as a family.

Work From Home

Team Dinner

We ensure to emphasize hosting this culture in our ecosystem. Team Dinner is a ritual we insist on every quarter.

Flexible Timings

Fun Friday

To give a heads up for a realistic fun-filled Friday begins at our corridors, and we ensure to keep the energy alive in the environment.


Movie Time

We as a family, a troop of like-minded people insist and ensure to get ourselves entertained, and at Sparkout our Movie Time is a default full attendance.


Special Day Celebration

Every occasion is worth celebrating, and do you think we would miss that? Oh Never. The more we are entitled to work sincerely, the more we enjoy celebrating every custom here.

Team Building

Sporting Communities

We are a diverse collective irrespective of our common oneness. Sports is one of its forms, we encourage employees to actively participate in sporting communities.

Parental Leaves

CSR Initiatives

At Sparkout Tech CSR events happen for a cause to empower potential youths who will be the future to take up responsibilities, to actively participate in the same.

Our Hiring Process

Run Through On Our Hiring Criteria

Our intricate hiring process touches on the nuances of each applicant and the talent’s potential to understand them in depth and ensure facilitate the best and the right.

Application Submission

Once the application for the opening has reached us. We sort it all for once and ensure to thank the applicant for their time and interest in applying at Sparkout. Also, inform regarding the time of the process.


Based on the requirements and our expectations, we shortlist the applicants and take them ahead with the process. While for the rest, the shortlisted status will be updated.


Initial screening happens with the applicant, briefing on the basics about the company. It's all more about expectation setting and analyzing their interest to incline.

Technical Interview 1

The first set of technical interviews happens irrespective but relevant to their applied roles. By testing their practical skills we can understand the real stand in particular.

Technical Interview 2

This second set of Technical Interviews will give us clarity on their extreme levels, reasoning, and market understanding.

HR Discussion

Go ahead, the applicant is taken to the formal HR discussion when they are selected. This will be more about understanding the culture, and package discussions.

Background Check

For both fresher and experienced candidates, we get on a formal Background checking process.

Offer Release

Once everything is settled, and there is surety about the candidate being hired, the offer letter is released.


And Woo-Hoo! Congratulations!! You’re Hired. Sparkout Tech is very happy to have you onboard!

Join Sparkout Tech

Current Openings

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Business Development Intern

2 Vacancy

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Couldn’t find an opening for your preferred role? Mail your resume to [email protected] - we’ll reach you!


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Testimonials Of Our Sparkout Family

Know more about Sparkout and our team members from the Testimonials from our fellas!

Sparkout Initiative

Enhance Your Professional Opportunities And
Connections With Codespot

Codespot is an opportunity we identify to facilitate young minds. Initially, it was hard to understand freshers and their mindsets towards the market. They lacked exposure and awareness to a lot of things. To bridge this gap and empower the generations, we came up with a flexible training model based on individual interests.

Codespot offers and conducts various outreach programs benefiting school and college students to understand better, recent trends and more clarity on market operations.

To empower minds that shape the future

Empowering Young Minds

Vitalizing student-oriented programs, we conduct age-appropriate workshops, seminars, webinars, hackathons, and more. We kindle the spirit of learning through better understanding.

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Elevate Your Skills to the Next Level

Onground Training To Upskill

Our Internship and training programs are well-planned and executed. There is an assurance to work on real-time challenges with the support of experienced professionals.

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Turn Ideas into Reality!

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