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At Sparkout Tech, we provide comprehensive DevOps services that are highly scalable, agile and technology-driven IT solutions for your business. Our expertise can assist your business in being more effectively optimized, and we will automate all your business infrastructure.

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Why Choose Us?

An ideal DevOps team for
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With the right tools, we aid better solutions that unite development and operational needs based on demands. We help you jot from the beginning to the end of your platform development process through our expertise in DevOps services.

Fully Automation

Fully automation

Our automation connects every end of the development process in order to deliver the product on time with enhanced efficiency.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Incorporating our DevOps services in the process, we ensure the security in the platform is tight, making the system agile.

Customer Contentment

Customer Contentment

We leverage technologies to develop innovative, user-friendly business services that are secure, scalable, flexible, and at the same time meet your needs.

DevOps Approach

Strict planning and implementations to Swirl-up

With our expert DevOps team, we meet your business goals, through toolchains. Our strategies never miss out on the very purpose and help to derive an agile solution.

> Test Automation > Continuous Integration/Delivery > Expertise in Popular Databases > 3rd Party Services / Platforms / SDK

The plan

Collecting the requirements, we work out a plan for the platform, based on its nature, features, and abilities.


From the plan, we work on executing the required codes and derive action results on the infrastructure.


The different parts of the applications are put together to catch up on the requirements, and it's tested multiple times on different propositions to avoid bugs.


When there are new abilities developed and need to be added, it's brought on time to integrate into the platform with automation.


We ensure to stick to strong security measures throughout the process of deployment to render a highly scalable yet secured ecosystem.

Continuous integration

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Feedback

What We Do

Get precise and particular solutions with our DevOps services.

Testing and deployment are handy

Testing and deployment are handy

Encouraging Innovative automation

Encouraging Innovative automation

Infrastructure anywhere

Infrastructure anywhere

Hybrid workspace for design

Hybrid workspace for design

Continuous Integrations & Delivery

Update your code regularly during the build and keep your product ready to be launched with continuous integrations and continuous delivery.


This allows your products to be modular. You can create applications with components that can be upgraded and maintained independently.

Infrastructure as a Service

This technique allows you to manage your IT infrastructure using configuration files rather than depending on hardware configurations.

Platform as Code

PaC method allows to code and execute declarative instructions about the platform layer which includes the operating system and other tools required for your application.

Security Integration

It is important for DevOps teams to follow best security practices from the planning stage of a project and apply proper automation.

Monitoring and Logging

Analyzing the proper metrics and logging of data such as state changes are crucial to ensure that your build performs as it should.

Benefits of DevOps

Our energetic team of DevOps experts understands your needs & emphasizes deploying a custom solution

Benefits of DevOps

How can Cloud Computing help your Project?

In this day and age, it's not just about delivering a great product, it’s about delivering it fast without compromising on reliability. Getting the right DevOps team for your project ensures that you can deliver scalable products faster, work with stable operating environments, and deliver efficiency.

  • Scalable Solution
  • Faster deployment
  • Better automation
  • Highly Secured

DevOps Values

Integrate cloud infrastructures with our DevOps Intellects

DevOps has no stereotypes to follow coherently, as the process entirely vest on the requirements and resolutions.

Collaboration & Communication

The core of DevOps is collaboration, bringing in all the creatives together as one, communication is unhindered and expelled all over the process keenly.

Transparency, Innovation, Freedom

Open communication emphasis on end to end transparency laying hands on the end product while the freedom to open up bring in innovatives from all over.


A cultural shift applies all fundamentals, the CALMs framework, analysis the values of culture, lean, automation, measurements, sharing, etc to evaluate on par ratio.

Industries We Work With

Sectors with wider opportunities.

Our expertise is in deriving first-class solutions with our DevOps services. We have put our hands on a wide range of sectors to grow and groom.


Make your customers digital banking and investing experience smooth without irritation like banking long queue lines.. Easy Money Transfer | Investment & Guides | Manage Daily Expenses

Real Estate

Leverage the power of mobile applications and expand your real-estate business to multiple device screens with us.


Help millions of travelers travel safely and stay comfortably through an app that makes the booking process a breeze.


Track and manage your athletes with an innovative mobile application that anyone can easily use and experience.

Social Networking

Witness the genesis of the next generation in human interactions by building the next big social media platform.

Media & Entertainment

Create amazing applications that users would spend their quality screen times on with a media & entertainment app.

Track your supply chain & logistics operations with a highly scalable mobile application that streamlines your business.

Healthcare solution

Now, deliver the best healthcare to your customer’s palm by creating a robust and secure app that works on all devices.

Enhance Growth With Us

Empower your Business with an highly abled DevOps Team

We entrust security and compliance at the early stage of the project. The core value of our DevOps team is to deliver quality solutions that are permeable to act per need. Our development checklist insists on the following.

Improved Customer Experience

Improved Customer Experience

Everything we do or build is done to satisfy global needs. Our expert DevOps engineers understand the purging need of the utilisers and help you build solutions that suffice to meet.

On-Time Deployment

On-Time Deployment

Apart From being highly efficient, being on time is also very important. We ensure to deliver high-quality solutions on time and assure to back you all and the business needs all time.

Extensively Creative Team

Extensively Creative Team

To be punctual is important, however, the creativeness and difference in approach can bring revolutionary changes. Our creatives in the team help you identify better solutions in the most unexpected manner.


We vitalize on trending and scalable technologies to derive solutions with higher efficiency and possibilities.

Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean







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