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FinTech Software Development Company

FinTech Software Development company

Unleash Digital Innovation with Our
FinTech Software Solutions

Our FinTech engineers specialize in building secure and user-friendly financial applications, elevating the customer experience by regularly checking security and regulatory compliance, enabling seamless operations.

FinTech Software Development Company

Digital Wallet for money storing and transferring

A secure and robust digital wallet that is highly customizable to suit your business needs. Integrate multiple currencies and payment gateways as you need with our digital wallet solution.

  • Secure transactions
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Convenient to use
  • Cardless/cashless transactions
  • 24/7 instantaneous transactions

Deceased estate notification to the financial institutions and utility companies

A platform that helps representatives of the deceased to notify creditors of an individual’s demise. Creditors can access relevant documents through the secure and user-friendly interface.

  • Automatic notification alerts
  • Secure records-keeping
  • Representative Login
  • SOC2 compliance
FinTech Software Development Company
FinTech Software Development Company

Secure Asset Management

A blockchain-powered vault solution that helps you easily store, retrieve, and transfer asset-related documents. Make handling of any asset seamless and paperless with out robust solution.

  • Blockchain-powered records-keeping
  • Store sensitive documents
  • Easy transfer of assets
  • SOC2 compliance

Efficient Peer to Peer lending

Secure Peer-to-Peer lending solution that you can use to connect borrowers directly with lenders, removing friction. Give users a simple yet powerful interface to carry out their lending operations.

  • Remove the intermediaries
  • Connect borrowers directly to lenders
  • Secure transactions
  • Simplified interface
FinTech Software Development Company
FinTech Software Development Company

Debt Negotiation interface Platform for bank and debt settlement agencies

Our Debt Settlement Solution is an automated platform that connects Debt Settlement Agencies with Banks and Financial institutions, powered by an intuitive AI offer-matching engine.

  • AI-Powered Matching Engine
  • Unified Interface for DSAs and Banks
  • API integration
  • Multiple revenue models

Our Clients

Leading Fintech companies we work with

Elevate your enterprise-grade financial platform with our on-demand FinTech software development services.

FinTech Product UI/UX Design

The Process Steps We Heed for
the UI/UX Design Process

As a leading FinTech software development company, we provide an effective customer-oriented approach to help our clients on their way to digital transformation through advanced UI/UX design. Our experts use the right tools and expertise to deliver user-centric designs.

UI/UX Design Process

FinTech Software Development company

Expertise We Possess for Your Seamless FinTech Services

A one-stop expertise solution to optimize financial practices to deliver efficiency, data security, processing time reduction, and ROI maximization.

Revenue opportunities

Secure & Robust Solutions

Cost and productivity opportunities

Expert Architects

FinTech Software Consulting​

Acquire industry-leading FinTech software solutions to better meet your customer needs and business success.

Custom FinTech Software Development​

Create a customized suite of fintech tools to identify, acquire, and engage your customers across various digital channels to meet their needs.

​FinTech Mobile App Development​

Get the most secure, stable, and industry-leading mobile banking solutions for your fintech business that are well developed.

​FinTech Software Modernization

Integrate FinTech software solutions into your business to hit the industry by moving with modern tools and enterprises.

FinTech Software Development company

Process We Follow as a FinTech Development Company

Process We Follow as a FinTech Development Company

Innovating Fintech Solutions Across Sectors

Innovate Robust FinTech Solutions
with Best-in-Class Technology

Our comprehensive FinTech solutions and experienced FinTech engineers offer deep insights to help you make better business-critical decisions.

Experienced Design Experts

Scale Cost Effectively

Innovative Designing Tools

User-centric Easy Integration

User-Centric Designs

Bureaucratic Support

User-Centric Designs

Experienced FinTech Engineers

Tech Stacks

Delivering results through the right tech

We use the latest and updated technology stacks to tackle real-world problems and produce scalable products.





Angular JS


Reat Js


Vue JS










Why choose our fintech software development company

Reinvent and Kickstart Your
Financial Offerings with Our FinTech Solutions.

As a future-oriented and industry-leading FinTech software development company, Spakout Tech provides tailor-made, secure, and scalable FinTech solutions. Our team of FinTech engineers leverages the potential of the banking and financial sectors to invent new and powerful FinTech solutions to help enterprises achieve sustainable success.

Reliable Software Solution

Tailor-made FinTech Development Service

Our FinTech software development service enables you to make efficient decisions with sophisticated data analytics and deep insights.

Cutting Edge Technology

Best Customer Experience

Our experienced experts develop customized financial solutions for your business and provide more personalized user experience solutions.

Agile Practice

Secured Payment Process

We help you to integrate security and compliance through smart payment options.

Best Customer Experience

Agile Approach

Curating efficient solutions that improve efficiency and automate operations without compromising quality.


How Can We Help?

FinTech refers to any business, large or small, that uses software, applications, or technology that allows businesses to digitally access and manage or gain insight into their finances, ranging from mobile payment applications to cryptocurrencies.

For web-based Fintech applications, we use PHP/Laravel, Angular, React, and Node.js. Mobile-based applications are built using Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS development. Depending on the use case, we can apply different technologies in blockchain to ensure transparency, security, and immutability. These include Solidity for public blockchains and the Hyperledger umbrella for sectors such as banking, insurance, etc. For optimization, we may need to use AI. These use cases demand for Python using frameworks such as PyTorch and Tensorflow.

Simply put, the future of FinTech is brighter with the hands of blockchain technology. Because, the FinTech is closely linked to blockchain technology because of the transparency and trust it guarantees, which allows for decreasing the time needed for transactions. The unique features of blockchain like its decentralized nature and public transactions allow banks and FinTech companies to work more collaboratively in sharing resources, thus making it easier to remove the hassle of security of transactions.

Low cost: Shifting physical services to online applications will offer lower interest rates than others.

High Speed: Machine intervention over human intervention can increase processing speed. AI will power the majority of customer interactions over the next decade.

Better accessibility: Implementation of innovative technologies can increase transparency and make information more accessible.

Personalized Services: Personalized services help FinTechs to better serve their customers. They can fulfill the needs of the users in a very fast manner.

Enriched security: Using advanced technologies like blockchain can provide more security to the application by smart contracts.


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