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We transform every aspect of your business

With the rapid development of IoT services, your business receives hundreds of new opportunities to connect with your customers in real life, making possible the delivery of outstanding customer experiences even easier.

Full cycle development

Full cycle development

We take care of the IoT development process from A to Z, including hardware design and software engineering.

Skilled and talented engineers

Skilled and talented engineers

A dedicated team of professional IoT experts, ready to take on any new challenges in order to meet your business goals.

Custom Software Solutions

Custom Software Solutions

Hands-on domain expertise in IoT development with a proven track record of successful products to take on any new challenges

What we do

Connect any application anywhere wirelessly, reliably

01Experience & Design

Experience &

02Fixed Engagement


03Support Maintenance

Support &

04Migration & Upgrades

Migration &

Bluetooth Apps Development

Web Bluetooth lets you control any Bluetooth Low Energy device (smart home appliances, health accessories) directly from your smartphone, without having to install an app.

Wearable Apps Development

Our team is an expert in building wearable apps like smart jewelry, body-mounted sensors, fitness trackers, smart clothing, AI hearing aids, enhanced In-Shop Experience, better Tracking, more accurate Indoor location, etc.

IoT and Blockchain

Our blockchain-powered IoT network enables secure and frictionless dialogue between sensors, distributed ledgers, and databases to optimize supply chain visibility and quality assurance.

IoT and Machine learning

IoT and Machine learning technologies together could provide the foundation for applications like predictive maintenance, CCTV surveillance, predictive supply chain.

IoT and Big Data

A large amount of unstructured data generated by IoT devices can be collected in the big data system to plot them for better visualization and to infer interesting findings from the IoT data.


TechGropse is one of the best VR/AR development companies, combining the potential of AR/VR with the Internet of Things to create a seamless experience

How it works

The Key Elements of Software Development Process.

We can create custom Internet of Things solutions for you that can be deployed on any operating system or embedded device to help you unlock the business value of connected ecosystems and reimagine your customer experiences.

Things Devices

Things / Devices

We will help you select the hardware type (devices, sensors, controllers, etc.)



Establishing a solid backend infrastructure is one of the essential elements of a successful IoT product.

Global Infrastructure

Global Infrastructure

Working in real time with large amounts of data, we will ensure that connection is reliable.

Data Ingestion

Data Ingestion

It is important to have centralized data storage. It allows collecting, processing and analyzing data.

Date Analytics

Date Analytics

Data analytics should be at the core of every smart solution to have powerful data analytics capabilities



IoT application defining all necessary features (i.e. GPS and navigation, safety, voice etc.)

Industries we cater

We Develop Enterprise-Grade Software
Solutions For Businesses.



Powering One Of The Leading Cryptocurrency Platforms

Transform organizational financial services with emerging tech for improved operational efficiency, transparency, rapid response time-frames and better custom experience. Blockchain technology allows you to automate processes with unprecedented security, winning customer confidence and give you peace of mind.


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