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The complete online ordering app & Delivery Service




BoxFood - A complete food ordering application with end-to-end tracking. A quick delivery team will bring a good product to your door.


BoxFood is an online delivery App in India. We deliver food, groceries, pastries and meats through an online application.


An online food delivery app in India


Backend - PHP Laravel - 2
Android - 1
IOS - 1
UI/UX Design - 1
QA - 1
PM - 1
Tech Architect - 1


Boxfood - A Case study for on demand food delivery app

Immerse yourself in the culinary revolution with BoxFood, a trailblazing online food delivery app that is poised to redefine your relationship with food. At BoxFood, we've curated a groundbreaking concept that transcends traditional deliveries, offering you a journey into a world of exceptional taste, and convenience. Picture this: a virtual marketplace where all of your desires are not only met but exceeded.

And BoxFood doesn't stop at restaurant offerings. We've taken it a step further by integrating a curated collection of high-quality Groceries, Meats, Pastries, Fruits & vegetables, Catering services, Homefood, Pharmacy, Toys, Gifts & Sweets into the app. Boxfood has covered everything you need under one roof. This user-friendly interface ensures that your journey from menu exploration to checkout is smooth and seamless. Discover new dishes, customize your orders, and track deliveries with ease, all within the BoxFood app.

Join the BoxFood community and redefine the way you dine. Elevate your meals with the convenience of online ordering. BoxFood is your key to unlocking a world of flavor, all within the palm of your hand. Indulge in a culinary journey like never before—download the BoxFood delivery app and savor the possibilities today.

Business Goal

From Crafting Convenience and Flavor: BoxFood's Path to Success

  • Multiple services: The Primary objective of Boxfood is to provide multiple services.
  • Food Delivery: BoxFood's primary service is swift and reliable food delivery. Customers can explore a wide variety of cuisines from partner restaurants and have their favorite meals conveniently delivered to their doorstep.
  • Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Pastries, Snacks & Sweets: In addition to restaurant offerings, BoxFood provides access to fresh, locally sourced fruits, vegetables, Pastries & snacks. Customers can select from a diverse range of produce to elevate their home cooking.
  • Premium Meats, Catering service, Pharmacy, Toys & Gifts: BoxFood offers a versatile app that caters to all of your needs. From indulging in premium meats for culinary masterpieces to seamless catering service, prioritising well-being with pharmacy essentials, and sharing joy through curated toys and gifts, all are delivered with the same convenience as the rest of the services.
  • At Boxfood, the unwavering mission is crystal clear: to deliver nourishing meals that promote health and well-being, all while ensuring prompt and reliable service. The mission is centred around two core pillars: Health and Timeliness, each aimed at enriching your culinary journey.
  • By leveraging technology, Boxfood empowers both users and businesses in the food industry. This user-friendly app and multiple dashboards enable efficient order management, personalized experiences, and data-driven insights for continuous improvement.
  • Boxfood is dedicated to supporting local restaurants and eateries, providing them with a platform to showcase their culinary expertise and reach a wider audience in online food delivery development. We strive to empower local businesses by driving online visibility and boosting their growth.

What matters at BoxFood is delivering a comprehensive and delightful food delivery experience that combines convenience, variety, quality, and innovation to exceed user expectations and create lasting culinary memories.

Challenges/Developing Challenges

A case study on online food delivery - Serving Success Amidst Challenges

Challenges faced by Admins

Admins play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of BoxFood, the online food delivery app. However, they encounter various challenges while managing and overseeing the platform, including


Order Management Complexity: Admins need to efficiently handle a high volume of orders, ensuring accurate processing, tracking, and timely delivery.


Coordination with Restaurants: Coordinating with multiple restaurant partners, managing menu updates, and addressing restaurant-specific concerns requires effective communication and collaboration.


Fraud Prevention: Detecting and preventing fraudulent activities, including fake orders or unauthorized access, is essential to maintaining platform security and trust.


Regulatory Compliance: Staying updated with local regulations, data privacy laws, and health and safety standards to ensure compliance can be a complex task.


App Enhancements: Continuously improving the app's features, functionality, and user interface to meet evolving user expectations and technological advancements.


Challenges Faced by API

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are integral to the functioning of BoxFood, but they encounter specific challenges as well:


Data Security: Ensuring secure data transfer between different systems, safeguarding sensitive user information and payment details.


Scalability: Handling a growing number of users, orders, and requests while maintaining consistent performance and response times.


Integration Complexity: Integrating with various third-party services, such as payment gateways, mapping services, and notification systems, while ensuring seamless communication.


Reliability: Providing a reliable API service that is available and functional at all times, minimizing downtime or disruptions.


Version Management: Managing multiple API versions to accommodate changes and updates without affecting existing integrations.


Documentation: Creating comprehensive and user-friendly API documentation that helps developers effectively integrate with BoxFood.


Challenges Faced by Restaurants

Restaurant partners in BoxFood encounter unique challenges as they collaborate to provide food delivery services:


Menu Management: Keeping menus up-to-date, adding new items, and ensuring accurate descriptions and pricing across the platform.


Order Volume: Handling fluctuations in order volume during peak hours, weekends, and special occasions while maintaining quality and timely preparation.


Consistency: Ensuring consistent food quality, taste, and presentation for dine-in and delivery orders.


Timely Preparation: Coordinating order preparation and packaging to align with delivery timelines, avoiding delays or cold meals.


Delivery Coordination: Communicating with delivery personnel, providing accurate pickup times, and ensuring seamless handoffs.


Technology Adoption: Adapting to digital platforms, ensuring smooth integration with BoxFood's online food ordering system, and managing orders efficiently.

Addressing these challenges requires a collaborative effort among admins, API developers, and restaurant partners to ensure a seamless and satisfying experience for users of BoxFood, the online food delivery app.


Solution, Achievements

BoxFood - Solutions in Action: BoxFood's Trail of Accomplishments

Angel Delivery - In situations where timing details or order placement options are unavailable within the app, BoxFood introduces "Angel Delivery" – a seamless solution that empowers users to swiftly connect with restaurant personnel through a direct phone call. By simply tapping a button, users can initiate a call to the restaurant, allowing them to instantly place their orders and discuss preferences.

In the pursuit of seamless operations, BoxFood introduces an advanced admin panel. Admins wield the power to create both sub-admins and super-admins, each assigned distinct roles. Sub-admins excel in handling specific areas, and efficiently managing tasks within defined parameters. Meanwhile, super-admins command a panoramic view, overseeing all aspects of the operation. This dynamic hierarchy ensures optimal coordination, facilitating smooth operations and elevating the delivery experience.

In the realm of efficient user management, BoxFood empowers administrators to effortlessly recharge users' wallets. Admins possess the authority to swiftly add funds to user accounts, ensuring uninterrupted access to our culinary offerings.

BoxFood's journey is paved with remarkable achievements in the realm of online delivery. We've rapidly expanded our service coverage to connect with countless food enthusiasts across various cities and regions. High customer satisfaction, reflected in glowing reviews and ratings, testifies to our commitment to delivering delight.

Discovery, Workflow(Design process)

Working Of Box Food

  • Sitemap
  • IA
  • Journey map

Box Food

Design Screens


Design Screens

Working of Box Food

Here are the working modules of the Box food delivery app case study mentioned below:

Admin Dashboard


Accounts 1

Sales: Get insights with the Sales option, which presents a comprehensive list of all sales reports. Gain a holistic view of sales trends, top-performing restaurants, and growth opportunities.

Invoices:Effortlessly generate and manage invoices with the user-friendly invoice tool and export data in Excel.

Restaurant Report: Harness data-driven insights with Restaurant Reports. Access detailed analytics on restaurant performance, paving the way for informed strategic decisions.

Order Management 2

Admins efficiently oversee the entire order lifecycle. Monitor real-time order statuses, troubleshoot issues, and ensure an impeccable end-to-end customer experience.

Angel Delivery 3

Restaurants take charge of Angel Delivery orders seamlessly. Admins are only to control and receive instant orders placed through phone calls, ensuring smooth operations.

Search Orders 4

Admins can retrieve and manage orders effortlessly through the search orders and access comprehensive order histories, statuses, and more.

Registered Users 5

Explore the list of all users in the Registered Users section. Engage, communicate, and address user inquiries.

Settings 6

Empower the platform customization and control through the Settings section. Explore a range of essential settings to fine-tune the online food delivery development experience.

Corporate Management: Effortlessly manage corporate accounts and settings to ensure seamless operations for multi-location enterprises. Streamline user access, preferences, and branding across the corporate network.

Admin Banner: Craft a captivating first impression with the Admin Banner. Showcase eye-catching visuals that resonate with the platform's identity.

Restaurant Banner: Elevate restaurant profiles with the Restaurant Banner tool. Highlight enticing visuals that entice users to explore menus and indulge in delightful culinary experiences.

Restaurant Super Admin: Restaurant Super admins are designated to oversee and manage multiple restaurants effortlessly, ensuring efficient operations.

Manage Restaurants: Admins oversee and manage a network of restaurants within a unified interface. Streamline restaurant onboarding, performance monitoring, and menu updates for a seamless culinary journey.

Manage Orders: Admins maintain an orchestrated flow of orders through Manage Orders. Monitor real-time order statuses, address concerns promptly, and ensure a seamless order-to-delivery experience.

Cuisine List: Curated and updated the cuisine list to showcase a diverse range of culinary options, catering to various tastes and preferences.

Popular Brands: Admins use popular brands to enhance visibility and recognition, driving user engagement and loyalty.

Promo Codes: Craft compelling promotional campaigns with Promo Codes. Drive sales, reward customers, and foster brand loyalty.

Push Notification: The power of push notifications to engage users instantly. Deliver timely updates, offers, and news directly to their devices.


Create Collection 1

This feature empowers users to easily curate their own NFT collections. Users can define a collection name, and description, and choose attributes and royalty fees.

Edit Collection 2

With this functionality, users have the flexibility to update and fine-tune their existing NFT collections. This includes modifying the collection details and making adjustments to the collection's attributes.

Create NFT 3

This feature allows users to mint new NFTs and convert their real-world assets or digital creations into unique tokens on the polygon network.

Edit NFT 4

Users can utilize the "Edit NFT" functionality to modify the attributes, metadata, or multimedia content associated with their existing NFTs. This flexibility ensures that NFT owners can update and improve the details of their assets, making them more appealing to potential buyers and collectors.

Burn NFT 5

This feature allows NFT owners to permanently remove their tokens from circulation. When an NFT is burned, it is effectively destroyed, reducing its supply and potentially increasing the rarity and value of the remaining tokens within the collection.

Royalty Release 6

This functionality enables NFT creators to release royalty payments to themselves or other beneficiaries automatically. Users can release royalty payments themselves through the platform using their Web3 wallet, however, the royalty percentages will be set by the admin.

User - Marketplace

All Items 1

Real World NFT provides a comprehensive view of all the NFTs available on the platform. Users can browse and explore a diverse collection of NFTs, ranging from digital art to virtual real estate, collectibles, and more. Here, Users must pick these categories based on their criteria.

  • Collections
  • Location
  • Category
  • For Sale
  • Collateral

Your Items 2

It provides a personalized view of the NFTs owned by the user. This includes NFTs minted or acquired by the user, providing easy access to their digital asset portfolio. Here, Users must pick these categories based on their criteria.

  • Collections
  • Location
  • Category
  • For Sale
  • Collateral

Borrow 3

It offers users the opportunity to access borrowing services for obtaining loans against their NFT assets.

New Loan

Your Loan Request History: This section presents a record of the user's past loan requests, including approved, pending, and declined loan applications.

Select Assets for Collateral: Here, users can choose specific NFTs from their collection to use as collateral for borrowing activities.

Borrowing Activity

Your Live Borrowing: Users can view and manage their active borrowing agreements, including the loan amount, repayment status, and terms.

Active Negotiations: In this section, users can monitor any negotiations related to their borrowing activities.

Closed Borrowing: It presents a historical overview of past borrowing agreements that have been successfully repaid and closed.

Lend 4

Your Lending Opportunities: This section provides an overview of the user's current active lending engagements, including details of the assets lent and the associated lending terms.

Lending Activity

Your Live Lending: Users can view and manage their current active lending agreements, including the lent assets, interest rates, and repayment status.

Active Negotiations: Here, users can monitor active negotiations related to their lending activities.

Closed Lending: The category presents a historical overview of past lending agreements that have been successfully completed and closed.

Unique Features

Unique features of Real world

  • Real-World Asset Tokenization
  • Polygon Network Integration
  • Royalty Payments
  • Fractional Ownership
  • NFT Collateral for Loans
  • Secure and Transparent Provenance
  • Seamless Wallet Integration
  • Diverse Marketplace of Real-World Assets
  • Borrowing and Lending platform


Tech Stack

Front End





Back End

Node JS





Smart Contract









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Real-world nft marketplace case study - What is it about to?

Real-world NFTs embark on a path of continuous innovation and expansion, paving the way for a future where the boundaries between physical and digital ownership blur. As the platform evolves, it promises to reshape traditional marketplaces and unlock untapped opportunities for creators, collectors, investors, and enthusiasts.

Step into the Real World NFT marketplace and join this exciting adventure that brings art, real estate, collectibles, and intellectual property into the metaverse, offering a glimpse of the incredible possibilities that await in this dynamic and immersive digital landscape. Embrace the future of asset ownership, where the virtual and physical worlds seamlessly converge in the decentralized and interconnected realm of real-world NFT.


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