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Explore the intricate details involved in developing your on-demand food delivery solutions.

Why Sparkout Tech Solutions ?

Food & restaurant app
development company

Drive your potential customers into a comfort zone where ordering online food becomes a cakewalk with complete digital synced solutions in food delivery. With the on-demand food delivery app and services gaining the momentum, you have to inject the digital adrenaline to put your business on the fast forward moving scale.

Get to market faster

Get to market faster

Our Drones replace your employees keeping them away in safety from hazardous environment of radiation and vertical climbs.

Scalable Solution

Scalable Solution

Our AI powered Drones capture critical data of your business that can be accessed within hours of the Drone leaving towards the set target.

Global Reach

Global Reach

The cloud enabled software gives you the best analyzing solutions and reports that can be integrated to an ERP using our API.

Benefits by Chat Solution

Benefits by Food Delivery

What are the verticals that can benefit by food delivery?

Planned or unplanned micro delivery(Within 10kgs) within 20 kms. Continuous tracking & monitoring where human errors are high & high human resource expense. Applicable to all type of micro delivery and transportation systems in countries where road transport is not available. Applicable to industries where the aerial view analysis required

Our Offerings

Achieve your business goals with our enterprise application development services

Online slot reservation

Online slot reservation

Total Security & High-End Surveillance Spot any irregular activity before it turns critical. Trust foresight with our drones.

Online promotion through check in Apps

Online promotion through 'check in' Apps

Drones provide precise surveying and mapping. 3D topographic, visual, and heat mapping of the highest quality.

Digital menu card

Digital menu card

We have a team of GIS Experts and Advanced Compute Servers to process and mapping Large data. We offer deliverables like orthomosaic.

Online reviews and ratings

Online reviews and ratings

High precision asset and Process inspection. Get high quality video & thermal imaging to dramatically increase the efficiency.

Online ordering and delivery

Online ordering and delivery

Live drone-enabled construction progress monitoring enhances the speed and accuracy of building modelling and plans.

On demand food delivery solution

On demand food delivery solution

Deliver packages, medical supplies, disaster relief material, important replacement parts, and more quickly with pin-point destination precision.

Revolutionize Your Food Ordering App with an AI-Powered Food Delivery Solution

As a food delivery app development company, we've tackled the challenge of assigning delivery partners by integrating an AI-powered delivery option through our Delivery Management algorithm.

Daily order count

Analyzing partner's order count and distributing orders evenly among all team members, regardless of previous order numbers.

Improved Rating

Order requests are facilitated based on analyzing delivery partner ratings and reviews, allowing for the identification and closure of unaligned partners.

Wait Time

The delivery management algorithm calculates various time components from start to end to ensure delivery requests are sent accordingly.

AI-Powered Food Delivery Solution
Food Delivery Solutions

Simplify Your Food Delivery Solutions Through Automation

Our company automates food delivery operations, offering clients efficient and intuitive management solutions effectively.

Our food delivery app utilizes advanced routing algorithms to ensure the fastest and most efficient delivery routes for your orders.

We offer multiple ordering options, including in-app, website, phone, self-pickup, and in-car dining, for customer convenience.

Craft menus based on time & optimize stock for uninterrupted product availability, ensuring a consistent experience for customers.

In our food ordering app, customers can effortlessly place orders and payments through their devices while prioritizing health, safety, and convenience.

Spark success with our innovative food delivery app development services

Easily grow your business with our food delivery app development solutions. Join us on a journey of success today!

  • Flexible Technology
  • Efficient Management
  • Streamline Operations
  • Tailored and User-Friendly App Features
Food Delivery Solutions

Food Ordering App Development Demo Videos

EatZilla - Ubereats clone - Ondemand Food Delivery Management system

Payment Wallet system in Eatzilla - Blockchain Powered Food Delivery System

Eatzilla - Food Addons and Sizes options. World's First Blockchain Powered Food delivery system


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