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First Track It - Production Tracking Monitoring App Case Study

To hold a record of every update in the production process of an order, First Track It is a solution we derived for our client First Solutions. This is a process management solution allowing users to get instant updates on the process. A simplified platform connecting sellers and operators with the user making the order. Despite any inconvenience in the process, through this solution, we have worked to give the users acute information on their orders.

We at Sparkout Tech are associated with First Solutions over a few projects now. We have been deriving solutions to meet global requirements. First Track It is a similar application that can contribute majorly to production tracking and other business operations involved by a plant. This is designed as a simple yet sleek application for users to conveniently place orders and get its update, while the customers and operators can update on the process going in just a few clicks.

For example, if a manufacturing plant has a set of processes, it can define these processes inside the FirstTrackIt application. The manufacturer, workers, and users will have apps. Whenever a process is initiated, the worker will update it on the app. The user can view the progress of the process on the user app.

The platform's subscription model made it a remunerative business, helping customers to reach out to multiple users and channelize their orders through these applications.

Business Goal

What First Track It Aims At?

Irrespective of the industry, operations, and products, there is a lot of risk, misplacements, and loss of track in the process of delivering fine products to the users on their order request. This delays and also occurs major loss in production and the consumer end.

The difficulties in tracking and assigning orders have their difficulties internally and externally. First Track developed for First Solution, is a well-mannered, organized, and configured system connecting the users, operators, and customers together. The auto-responsive attitude makes things simpler.

The ultimate goal of First Track It is to cut the shortcomings and smoothen the vulnerabilities faced at the production deliverables in and around every sector. Eliminating the delay and finding accurate reasons through instant updates in the process of rendering the orders in any sector.

Challenges/Developing Challenges

Simplifying, We Simplified For First Track It


The ultimate challenge was in curating a simple and sleek space for the users of First Track It. The idea was simple: facilitate information to the user on everything happening around the production and dispatch, until received.


Yet to make it look the way it sounds? We happened to work on a few designs and structures while making the requirements precise, short, and crisp, yet detailing everything.


Working on different nuances, we finally came up with the present design and have other structures soon to come on the platform. All of it focuses on step-to-step actions that are precise and particular.


Solution, Achievements

First Track It So Far Is A Hit

Allowing Customers to track order status updates on the Production process, with regular 24 X 7 X 365 from the vendors, suppliers, firms, Agents, and everyone else. Complete package of information, which brings the order chasing, email, Phone calls, and messages collected as one through the First Track It user portals.

As a blend of new technology and providing critically simplified solutions is also estimated to cut down service costs, for sure attracts global users. Moreover, the tension and longing and the desperate attitude behind every order made are completely taken off. It also provides synchronized real-time updates, anywhere, anytime making the road smooth.

Discovery, Workflow(Design process)

Next, in the Manufacturing Process Tracking App Case Study, we’ll discuss the workings and functionalities below:

The First Track It application has three major subscription plans for the Users. $39/month for 10 customers, $69/month for 100 customers, and $149/month for unlimited customers. It can be billed semi-annually and the subscription terms fall in after the 7 days trial for all subscription plans.

The User Application

To start with the User Panel, the one placing orders to their customers and its operators. Once after the registration process and choosing the subscription plan it redirects to the payment portal. Once it's completed, the user is open to access the application. SNN code number is generated for every user and it helps in identifying customers and managing them.

Users can check on their orders in the Dashboard, while they can add their customers, Operators, the process, its sequences, and also choose its type, say Sequence or Independent. When a process is sequenced it comes in order, while the process is Independent it can act on its own from between.

From setting the time, scheduling the dispatch time, process order, its priorities are managed and fixed by the user making the order. They can simply raise their order request organizing things based on their need and requirement. From Time to time every update from the customer and operators is updated to the user.

The Exception option lists the reasons for the delay or any external or internal hindrance that has been occurring in the production or operations side of the customer, causing the delay. Once it's updated by the operator or customer, the Exception closes and the process continues.

There are 4 account types on the platform

Manufacturing/Distribution 1

For the production industry comprising different levels of processes. As it connects manufacturers and distributors the lineage through the application updates on the production process via the platform.

Local Governance/Public Utility 2

Utilized by the local government operations, and public entities to monitor and track events and procedures in the locality.

Over the Counter/Cash Sales 3

Used by businesses carrying out counter sales and through online distributions. The vendor can track the orders they made while utilizing to update on the order received.

Applications Decisions Business 4

This account type is used by institutions or agencies, in general, to track their clients and data in one as they update and upload.

Free membership

The Customer and Operator App

Both applications are more similar, as the order is placed by the user, and the customer receives it and transcends it to the operator or the agent. Every update on the task for the operator on the task will be updated to the customer and the User simultaneously. For every Start, Exception, and Finish it's been instantly updated in the co-relative accounts.

Before all this, the customer will be sent the SNN number to receive orders, as every SNN number is unique, it's easy to identify the user and their order.

Standard membership

The Admin Panel

The Admin dashboard manages and maintains the record and track of the user's transactions. It generates Promo codes for discounts and offers. Subscriptions are managed and maintained here. And any alterations or updates in the platform can be updated through this.

First Track It

Design Screens

design screens
design screens

Unique Features

Features Defining First Track It

Never losing anything in the Process! First Track It, brings and binds the data and orders in the order and pushes its users to render precise output and delivery. And here are its features defining its capabilities.

Simplified User Interface

The User, customer, and operators are facilitated with a simple yet effective interface with not more or nothing less, the very apt field with very precise information and data to proceed.

Unique SNN code

The very unique SNN code is specified to the user placing the order. They can hold their customers and operators in the app based on their subscriptions. Being listed by the users, as customers and operators, this SNN code identifies the user and the order in request.

Exception Feature

This option is present in all the dashboards. The main purpose of this is to inform the user of any delay or pause in the process from the operations side. In case of any hindrance or delay will be expressed through the Exceptions feature. And once it's recovered and the operation gets back to normal, the user will be instantly notified and the Exception closes.


Tech Stack


Android Studio

Android Studio Electric Eel 2022.1.1


Java 11

Firebase Crashlytics

Firebase Crashlytics 17.3.0


SocketIO 2.0.1


Gradle 5.4.1


XCode 14

IDE: XCode 14


Language: Swift 5.7

iOS 12.0

Deployment Target: iOS 12.0


UI Frameworks: UIKit


Crashlytics: Firebase/Crashlytics


Dependency: Cocoapods

Socket IO

Socket IO

Back End


MongoDB version 4.4


Node v14.19.1



React - ^16.9.0


Redux-saga - ^1.0.2


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Steroid Services, So Why Waiting?

The First Track It application is soon to be open for download in the Play Store and App Store. Its ability to act on a real-time basis, makes it pause and interrogate its ability. The pipeline is vast, the client is targeting the major production hubs in versatile sectors to barge into the application and make full use of it.

Best regards,
Yokesh Sankar,


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