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Top 15 Elements to Add when Revamping Your Mobile App


Gowtham May 02, 2024 8 mins

Revamping Mobile App

For the past few years, there has been a healthy pressure on businesses to develop mobile apps to offer their services to their customers. Since mobile apps need to be constantly updated and upgraded, they need to keep track of the constant influx of new app releases. Today, a "release it and forget it" strategy can only result in bugs and inefficiencies. Due to the speed of the digital world, a mobile app that was released a few months ago will be old today.

Analyzing which updates work best when revamping your mobile app helps meet your customer needs. Remember to partner with a professional mobile app development company to maintain your mobile apps.

Top 15 feature update suggestions for revamping your mobile app:

Fixing Known In-App Problems

Use this chance to go over all of the app issues you've gathered and use it to perform modifications. Start with the app's known issues, heat maps, and user feedback. Update the look and feel of your user interface. For example, the new user interface design aims to move away from an artificial look and feel. Mobile app development companies can help you with application redesign to improve overall user experience.

User Interface

UI improvement would be a fantastic place to start. You can see where your app is succeeding by comparing it to the best-performing apps. Since the main goals of apps are usability and speed, ensuring that the app is both will help to steer the redesign process and guarantee its success.

User Experience

Expectations of technology are rising, attention spans are getting shorter, and there are more reasons for customers to switch to another app. So, before making any investments, confirm that the channel is still profitable and satisfies the needs of the client. Refining and testing user experience to meet your customers' evolving demands, tastes, and behaviors is a part of revamping your mobile app.

In-App Chat

Did you know that almost 60% of downloaded apps are deleted after just one month and 73% after three months? Engagement is one key to app user retention. So, add in-app chat to increase user engagement, usage frequency, and retention. Companies can encourage a sense of community among users by adding a chat feature to their app.

Use Edge Computing Architecture

Mobile apps developed using data housed in a centralized data center with application logic devices are becoming obsolete. Modern apps use edge computing designs, which transfer data to local devices, to create responsive apps and ease network and data center congestion. So, to stay competitive in the digital world, hire a professional company for your mobile app redesign needs.

5G Optimization

As 5G technology develops, today is the right moment to look for ways to improve the quality and quantity of apps. You should also know that the apps companies released some years ago didn't profit as users and companies expected. Redesigns can frequently be self- funded when using a new app monetization strategy.

Communication And Information Exchange

Updating communication and information exchange elements, such as the user interface, would benefit many firms using internal productivity apps. Your capacity to be productive stems from your ability to interact effectively with your coworkers in real-time.

Privacy Policy

It is highly recommended that companies dedicate some time to updating their privacy policy and including private nutrition labels. Even if iOS devices are currently the only ones requiring this, it is not difficult to predict that Google will soon join Apple. If you wonder how to redesign an app, don’t worry; you can do it with a strategic approach, user feedback, market research, and design iterations.

Layout That Makes Use Of Larger Screens

Over the past few years, mobile screen sizes and resolutions have substantially changed. If you're updating a mobile app after a long time, it's advised to redesign its layout to fully utilize larger screens. You can also upgrade out-of-date graphics with higher-resolution ones.


Many experts think that accessibility is one of the most crucial elements. Any mobile app developers should prioritize making sure their app is easy to use for all users. You will alienate a whole user base if you don't test and develop your mobile app with accessibility in mind. Don’t leave out customer groups when revamping your mobile app to improve functionality.

Security Features

Both security features and the user-friendliness of those features need to be present in your mobile apps. More often than not, the problem with apps isn't that they don't have the proper multifactor or biometric authentication. But they come from difficult and time-consuming navigating these procedures. Therefore, improve the usability of your app's security rather than just updating it.

Embedded Support

In traditional consumer support, users are kicked out of an app and transferred to a toll-free number. They have to repeat their issue and use outdated, less secure methods of verification. But if you embed support in the app, your company can deliver a modern customer experience.

In-App Payment Options

Businesses should rethink how they integrate payments into their mobile apps, among other things. Businesses can quickly and securely collect payments via mobile devices. Consumers are also now searching for contactless payment methods. Credit cards, in-app purchases, and smartphone and digital wallet services are now supported by modern mobile app libraries that businesses can use it.

So, if you want to redesign an app with secure payment features, contact a mobile app development company.

System Compatibility

Compatibility with upgraded smartphone platforms and app performance are essential requirements for any mobile app update. Operating system updates for iPhone and Android devices might cause your older apps to run slowly or stop working for users. Plan frequent testing of the app on the devices you want to test it on and release updates.

Fixing Elements that are Buggy After Testing

Your company’s mobile app should be thoroughly tested repeatedly. Over time, operating system upgrades, new gadgets, and other factors could cause your mobile app to perform worse than it did two years ago. The secret to ensuring your app doesn't appear old and glitchy is to test its functionality long after it has been released. A mobile app development company will ensure your app is up to date by releasing essential updates regularly.

Final thoughts

So, these are the 15 best elements you can consider adding when revamping your mobile app. Remember to hire a professional mobile app development agency to build and maintain your company’s mobile app successfully.

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