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How the Healthcare Industry is Getting Transformed with Custom Software Development

Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar July 03, 2024 8 mins

Custom software development in healthcare

Unsurprisingly, information technology has been changing every industry for the better. But do you know how tech and customization are changing the healthcare industry? Custom software development for the healthcare industry has a revenue expectation of 809.2 billion USD by 2030, Grand View Research says the opportunities in the digital healthcare space are vast. The arrival of healthcare-specific custom software development solutions companies has also revitalized a lot of previously inefficient healthcare companies. Today, doctors manage diagnosis, patient care, prescriptions, and patient services with tablet PCs and smartphones. So, if you want to know how custom software development for healthcare changes the healthcare industry, read this article.

Why do healthcare providers need custom software development?

Hospitals always have many operational issues, but custom software solves most of these problems. Technology assists everything from the moment a patient registers at a medical facility. Custom software development for healthcare is now experiencing a rise in personalization fuelled by technology. McKinsey forecasts that by 2023, the HealthTech sector could yield an annual value ranging from $350 billion to $410 billion. Hospitals can automate everything, including the reports produced, doctor appointments made, lab reports produced, and tests carried out. You can store a patient's complete clinical background or history online.

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How custom software has increased the effectiveness of healthcare records management

A study revealed that digital technologies, such as electronic medical records (EMRs), are utilized by 93% of primary care practitioners across 24 countries. These custom outsourcing-mobile-app/outsourcing-mobileappsoftware developments for the healthcare sector help solve problems with organizing various patient files, monitoring patient records, and maintaining a supply of prescription medications.

But managing records and keeping patient data is not all. Hospitals can also manage their rosters with custom software. They can now plan appointments, handle staff availability, and oversee doctor visits without involving the patient. Because everything will be automated, patients might not need to coordinate their follow-up sessions with the doctors.

How custom software has advanced the accuracy of diagnosis

Can you believe that AI in custom software helps doctors find the correct diagnosis with less effort?

In addition to offering diagnostic software, custom software companies can be built, including AI and ML features. The healthcare AI software, hardware, and service market is set to experience a dramatic surge in investments, projected to reach an impressive $34 billion globally by 2025.

Information systems

With custom software, doctors can refer to statistics that aid in their diagnosis and treatment decisions. They can use them to analyze X-rays, reports, symptoms, lifestyle, and previous medical history. Data science and data analytical models are employed for analysis. Data models are always being built and changed based on their success. Physicians can make precise decisions by analyzing millions of patient records.

Hospitals favor custom software development from a custom software agency over off-the-shelf commercial products. Usage of predictive analytics resulted in favorable outcomes, with 42% of organizations noting enhanced patient satisfaction and 39% reporting cost savings. It is also simpler for hospitals to work with a custom software development company and share their specification requirements.

The benefits of custom software development that transforms the healthcare sector:

Advanced diagnosis

Software is required for medical electronic systems to process data and images. In this sense, custom software development is crucial for new businesses like diagnostic labs. Medical centers require various services. This includes embedded software, device drivers, clinical applications software, prototype and simulator creation, control system development, and UI design. The quality of its software primarily determines the effectiveness of medical electronics.

High-quality patient care

McKinsey's report underscores the remarkable expansion of telehealth. It showcases an impressive 83% surge in total annual revenues in 2021 compared to 2019. Patient visits with their providers can be more easily managed using custom software. Physicians can obtain, transmit, share, and assess treatment choices with digital patient records. Automation technologies have improved communication between the medical facility and its patients.

Integrated system

A custom software development company can help you build tools to integrate your complete medical facility. Hospitals normally have multiple departments and sub-departments. Sometimes, patients may find it daunting to make their way through multiple departments to complete their therapy. You can achieve departmental integration through automation systems to improve patient satisfaction while saving hospital administration time and money.


Hospitals are important and need to evolve constantly. For many hospitals, custom software development is usually a better choice than commercial ERP solutions. This is because a medical facility is always subject to change. A hospital's growth or diversification, whether in terms of capacity, treatment options, medical divisions, etc., cannot be forecast. In these situations, medical institutions can hire custom software development companies to create a hospital administration system for their hospitals and clinics.

Improved healthcare standards

If you want to raise the bar for healthcare delivery, you need to use customized software solutions to run clinics, hospitals, medical centers, and diagnostic centers. Hospitals are starting to adopt specialized software solutions more and more today. Medical professionals are also becoming more efficient with the help of big data, IoT, ML, and AI. For example, they use this software to analyze medical images. Robotic surgical instruments with ML capabilities enable doctors to execute precise procedures.

Increase personalized patient services.

Data-driven patient services add value to the patient experience, so customers are gaining confidence in the hospital industry. Readily accessible data that is recorded, sent, and available at the touch of a button makes relationships between doctors and patients easy. In 2022 the worldwide market size for mHealth apps reached 43.5 billion USD with projections indicating a compound annual growth rate - CAGR of 11.6% from 2023 to 2030. A hospital can design solutions specifically tailored to meet its unique patient care requirements by working with a custom software development company.

Improvement in organization and communication

Departments that were previously isolated from one another and had communication silos can now communicate with one another because of custom healthcare software. This has improved the organizational cultures of hospitals - Information can be shared across departments without human entry or paperwork. Patients don't need to bring any paperwork when they visit any medical department because the hospital already has an electronic copy of this information.

Final thoughts

You are lucky because custom software solutions that emphasize integrated healthcare administration and delivery are available for hospitals - seeking general administration and departmental integration. So find a reliable software development company for your healthcare software project.

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