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Generative AI

The Top 5 Generative AI Use Cases for Your Business


Sivabharathy Aug 29, 2023 8 mins


With the advent of artificial intelligence, our day-to-day life has completely changed. In recent years, AI has revolutionized the way we live and work, and the potential of this technology is only beginning to be fully realized.

The potential use cases of generative AI are poised to make a significant impact in the business sector, where it has the potential to transform the way we work. The emergence of generative AI use cases, in particular, has opened up exciting new possibilities for businesses looking to harness its power in terms of productivity and effectiveness.

With recent advances in large language models such as ChatGPT, generative AI has become more powerful and more applicable in business.

How to benefit your business whether it's big or small, these potential use cases of generative AI will help you take it to even greater heights. Without further ado let's move on to the broader topic.

1. Customer Support Automation

In the battle between businesses in the realm of customer support, generative AI can revolutionize this land with its potential use cases and create hype across every segment.

Good customer support is essential to building customer loyalty, but providing adequate resources and staff can be a challenge for businesses, which can lead to long resolution times and poor service quality, frustrating customers. Giving in can lead to ruin for your business.

Wondering what the solution is? Generative AI for customer support automation is a reliable and robust way to serve customers better.

Generative AI-powered tools and applications are game changers in customer service, and businesses can offer powerful support to their end users and employees with a range of powerful applications to engage customers, resolve issues faster and build loyalty.

The bonus point:

  • Mobile applications furnished with AI-based chatbots can claim a competitive edge with exceptional customer support.
  • Chatbots are powerful applications powered by ChatGPT to engage customers, resolve issues quickly and build loyalty.
  • Forethought AI was the first generative AI streamline for customer support. It ranges from E-commerce to SaaS to FinTech and more. Platforms like Cohere provide access to extensive language models and NLP tools.

2. Natural Language Coding & App Development

Coding/programming is a communication channel between the human race and the computer world itself, a way for them to understand each other and work together. Building a user application involves writing code in a computer-readable programming language that provides a structure for the application's logic and functionality.

Generative AI use cases can save developers time and effort in the coding process by analyzing code and automatically writing the solutions. And also, generative AI can be used to find and fix errors in code, cutting down on the need for manual debugging and allowing developers to focus on other aspects of mobile app development and deployment.

Generative AI is revolutionizing the way we build applications and making new waves. Instead of coding in computer language, developers can use natural language to communicate, and AI can generate code easily enough to create even lengthy content blogs.

Why say more, by using generative AI tools, businesses can reduce costs and build websites based on popular software and content management systems.

The bonus point:

  • With the advent of generative AI tools, the mobile app development process has become significantly faster, enabling developers to create high-quality apps more intuitively and efficiently.
  • Github copilot is one of the best AI generative tools that make coding 96% faster, focuses on big problems, and stays in flow longer.
  • Arcwise is another tool that helps developers write code using natural language instead of computer programs.
  • One of the focal areas of generative AI is to speed up the development process and make it more flexible for beginners.

3. Data Privacy & Synthetic Data

Data privacy is critical to keeping confidential data secure from unauthorized access or misuse. As companies' collection of personal data increases, it is crucial to ensure data security. Companies must adhere to data privacy laws to avoid legal penalties and reputational damage.

Analyzing structured data such as transaction records and click streams will now become a skilled art for humans. Businesses use personally identifiable data to build products and provide services to customers of their choice, but this access comes at a cost to customer privacy. This is where our real hero comes in, the clever applications of generative AI can solve this problem. This breakthrough technology enables language processing and augments human performance in text analysis to serve customers better.

Generative AI helps businesses detect fraud by analyzing large volumes of unstructured data such as customer reviews, social media posts, and call center call records. Going further, backing up your analysis with AI empowers your decision-making teams with predictions, deep research, and data visualization.

The bonus point:

  • Mostly.ai and Tonic.ai use generative AI to build synthetic data from real data and preserve privacy while keeping the data realistic.
  • Avanzai is a web application that helps you build Python code for financial analysis, visualize the output, and offer a variety of data analysis tools.

Marketing Content Creation

Marketing is an important aspect of every business. The success of a product lies not only in building a product but also getting it to the masses, and popularizing it plays a huge role. Marketing is not just about advertising or convincing people instead, it's about messaging, positioning, brand story, and interaction with customers.

Here is where the actual denominator comes up: content creation. Content creation is an art that must touch the hearts and minds of your customers and win their hearts with your words. Marketing strategies are critical to a business's growth because it is how customers learn about a product and connect emotionally with it.

The traditional way of content creation is outdated and consumes more time than it requires and is sometimes a game of luck. But generative AI is a game-changer in this field. With generative AI, marketers can create content quickly and easily, freeing up time to focus on creative ideas.

The bonus point:

  • Jasper AI, Writer AI, Writesonic, and Copy.ai generate marketing copy and content creation.
  • Design.ai, Looka, and Ulzard are AI tools that create and design AI images. Beautiful.ai's DesignerBot automates presentation creation.
  • Runway ML, Pictory, Animoto, and Synthesia.io provide AI-powered video and content editing tools.

Sales & Sales Team

A large part of the success of a product lies in the hands of the sales and sales team. Salespeople must understand the customer, be strong enough to observe the customer and be willing to listen to their customer.

Generative AI can successfully help businesses' sales performance and streamline sales processes. One of the key benefits of using Generative AI is the ability to detect vulnerabilities and identify potential problems before they become big. Generative AI analyzes sales data and customer interactions to identify potential loss points and sales risks.

Also, the sales team strives to better serve customers based on customer needs, preferences, and selectivity, allowing for more personalized and targeted sales. With the help of AI-based use cases, sales teams can mitigate risks and capture valuable deals without losing them.

Generative AI enables sales teams to focus on quality and personalization without sacrificing efficiency. And they can offer a tailored solution to their clients.

The bonus point:

  • SellScale personalizes those emails by pulling data from clients' CRMs to personalize SDR outreach at scale.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot allows sales teams to use GenAI in ERP and CRM systems.
  • Crusta is a tool that helps sales teams discover successful sales behaviors.

Potential Benefits of Generative AI Use Cases for Business Advancement

1. Reduces costs & increases productivity

The penetration of generative AI across all sectors has spread to the human resource sector. One of the areas of HR in which generative AI is a game changer is recruitment. Generative AI can help businesses streamline hiring processes, cut out intermediaries, and save hundreds of hours on headache tasks like evaluating CVs.

2. Conserve span and optimize resources

The application of generative AI is very notable in the medical field. With the advent of these, many other tasks like documentation and medical record keeping have become easier for doctors and they can spend more time with the patients and serve them better. Natural language processing and other AI technologies help doctors generate accurate and detailed clinical notes in less time and improve patient care, which is critical to overall well-being.

3. Quick sales by personalized connections

The automation of administrative tasks, improving customer interactions, and providing valuable insights, generative AI can make new waves in sales organizations, reducing administrative burdens, enhancing customer engagement, and empowering sales managers with actionable data. The nature of sales presents many opportunities for creative, organic, sales-generating AI.

4. Automate and support customer interaction

Customer support is a problem faced by small and large businesses. Get more customer support when answers to customers' questions are quick and accurate. Here is where generative AI excels. Generative AI can automate customer service. Not only consumer experience enhancement but also enables businesses to save time and resources.

5. Smarter and greater content creation

From creating more content in less time to creating different types of content such as product descriptions, social media captions, or very lengthy blogs, generative AI tools have already started working. Generative AI tools can help marketers create better and more accurate content. Marketers can use generative AI tools to strengthen audience engagement with brands.

It's Time to Conclude…

Overall said, generative AI offers many benefits and great promise for businesses across industries and functions. However, suppose you are preparing for the AI ​​revolution. In that case, it's essential first to understand and recognize that generative AI provides the ultimate use cases that can have the biggest impact on your business.

If you're taking the initiative to integrate generative AI into your business, remember that use cases can come from any point in the value chain. Shifting from the traditional way you follow to an advanced offering powered by generative AI is what drives your business growth. Generative AI is here to improve growth and remove barriers to nearly every industry, and that change is not a threat, but rather a big opportunity.

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Sivabharathy is a technical architect, technology enthusiast, and voracious reader. His visionary perspective has earned him opportunities to work with innovative projects in the computer software industry. He is an expert in PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS, Angular, Ethereum, Web3, Product Development, and Teamwork.


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