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As an custom software development company, finding innovative solutions for our client's problems is where Sparkout thrives. We like to take complex problems and deliver solutions that are easy to approach for your customer and are highly efficient.

Interactive Hub For Encouraging &
Engaging Layer One X Developers

LayeroneX aims to build a coworking digital ecosystem for developers and tech
enthusiasts, and being a part of their vision was an extended learning and
challenging experience!






Live Users

The world’s first Blockchain
Platform for Farmers

Farmer-centric platform helping individuals across the world access agricultural production most righteously. A blend of technology designed for universal hosts sustaining livelihood.


Country (Bahrain)


Blockchain Traceability

Fast food

Industry - Food & Beverages

The world’s first Blockchain Platform for Farmers

Hassle-Free Parking, Book
Them Prior And Park At Ease

Avoid long drives to get a parking slot, now PArkk has been of great use to finding your right parking slot effortlessly and allows you to drive calmly and swiftly to park your car at your slot.



Web & Mobile




The world’s first Blockchain Platform for Farmers

NFT-Collateralized Lending for
Luxury Goods

Realworld is a platform to digitize your luxury collectibles as NFTs. A
space to recreate the real world in the digital world and earn passive
income with your luxury products.


Country (Malta)

Tokenize Luxury Products

Tokenize Luxury Products

NFT Loans & Marketplace

NFT Loans & Marketplace

Build Your Intellectual Space With Profession Podcast Platform

FirstBlastIt connects interest and passion in tech enthusiasts. A
new-age podcasting platform for professionals that focuses on
what’s current in the industry.


Country (USA)

Profession Podcast Platform

First Things First, Real-Time Tracker
For Production Operations

Premium platform helps manufacturers track every bit of their
production starting with sourcing to sending it out to customers. A
highly efficient platform that can be integrated into any industry.


Country (USA)

Platforms - Web & Mobile

Platforms - Web & Mobile

Real-Time Traceability

Real-Time Traceability

About us

The Story of
Sparkout Tech Solutions

A passionate team with a relentless drive to build and innovate
The story of Sparkout Tech Solutions

We are an custom software development company with 150+ projects and 100+ dedicated professionals working in Coimbatore, India, delivering bleeding-edge tech to our global clientele.

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7+ Years of Excellence in Innovation

We empower businesses around the world with the right tech, with experience in building complex software solutions


150+ Clients All over the world

Our strong focus on premium customer experience has allowed us to serve hundreds of businesses globally.


100+ Experts in Multiple domains

We are a team of 100+ happy professionals with experts in multiple tech stacks and industry use cases.


150+ Projects in delivered globally

Our loyal clientele is the result of the quality of services and products that we deliver, on time every time.

Our Core Services

Our cutting-edge digital solutions and services have been helping businesses.


Closely working with the
biggest names in the industry

We believe that great relationships bring the most value. This is why as an custom software development company, we are partners with the biggest names in the business to deliver premium services to our customers.

Our Achievements

Taking innovation beyond borders to the hands
of happy customers globally

Case Study

Building technology
products that impact lives

Read through our case studies to see how we've helped businesses around the world serve customers better through innovative technology solutions as a leading custom software development company. Bleeding-edge tech with great customer experience.

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to say about us


We discover, design
and implement technology

As a custom software development company, we've penetrated almost every industry with a global clientele. We view each project as the first and provide continuous support.

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Our Design Studio

With a proven record of delivering top-notch digital
product design services

Sparkout Design Studio, Software development company
Our Design Studio



View detailed design case studies on our clientele.

Our Design Studio



Connect with our team of experienced professionals.

Our Design Studio



Check out what’s happening at Sparkout on our feed.

Our Design Studio



Find inspirations for your projects on our Dribble page.

Sneak Peek

Key moments in Sparkout Tech's journey


How Can We Help?

We ensure the quality of your system development deliverables by defining clear, measurable, relevant, and achievable quality criteria with stakeholders. For instance, criteria for a system design document might include completeness, accuracy, consistency, readability, and compliance. Quality assurance ensures that system development deliverables meet quality criteria. It involves planning, monitoring, and controlling quality activities. Techniques include audits, reviews, checklists, standards, guidelines, and best practices, and prevent defects and errors.

Quality control ensures that your system development deliverables meet quality standards. It involves testing and evaluating your deliverables against criteria to identify defects, errors, or deviations. Techniques include testing, review, and walkthrough. Quality control improves system quality and reliability. Quality improvement involves continuously learning from your system's development deliverables, analyzing their quality performance, and identifying opportunities for improvement using techniques such as root cause analysis, feedback, lessons learned, benchmarking, and metrics. By improving the quality of your deliverables, you can optimize their efficiency and increase their overall value.

Quality tools are techniques that support quality assurance, control, and improvement. They help collect, organize, and present data. Some tools are flowcharts, Pareto charts, histograms, and dashboards. They help visualize quality status and issues, aiding decision-making.

The cost of developing software depends on various factors, such as the development platform, application category, app complexity, the developer's location, and the number of features required for the app. Choosing the right pricing model is critical to ensuring we charge you appropriately for your software development services. Some factors to consider are the complexity of the project, the client's budget, and industry standards. Common pricing models are hourly rates, fixed project-based fees, and value-based pricing. If you want to know the exact cost of developing an app, please send us your project requirements.

From start to finish, a project goes through a series of phases called the development life cycle of agile methodology. Concept, inception, release, maintenance, and retirement are the general stages of a project development. According to the team's agile methodology, the life cycle may differ slightly. At Sparkout, the development life cycle includes an NDA signing stage, pre-discovery stage, discovery stage, iteration stage, development stage, design stage, QA and testing stage, deployment and release stage, and maintenance. If you want to get an accurate estimate of the time to develop an app, drop a message at https://www.sparkouttech.com/.

A project management approach includes general principles for managing projects, while a methodology describes specific rules and practices for implementing them. With a proactive approach, effective communication, thorough preparation, and appropriate project management tools can ensure consistent success. Even if your project changes along the way, we consider the following tips to ensure it's completed on time and within budget. With meticulous attention to detail, we create a comprehensive step-by-step roadmap for each project, providing our clients with a clear product release date. We take into account all technical requirements, optimize resource allocation, and streamline the development process to ensure prompt and smooth product delivery, free from any delays.

Businesses today understand the importance of providing excellent digital experiences to their customers and employees to stay ahead of their competitors. Many companies choose to build custom software to achieve this goal. However, those without an in-house development team may need to outsource the project to a software development company. This guide will focus on the best practices for selecting a custom software development company that will meet the unique needs of your business. These practices include evaluating the company's portfolio, testimonials and referrals, experience in your industry, technology stack, cultural fit and communication, competencies and skills, workflow, and pricing. Remember, a well-planned custom software development process can significantly enhance your business and make it more competitive. Are you looking for custom software development services, check out what the Sparkout team can do for your project!

Data encryption is one of the most effective ways to ensure data confidentiality. We follow rigorous encryption techniques to enhance user trust, regulatory compliance, and the overall success of an application. We conduct a privacy impact assessment, implementing data minimization techniques, and adhering to privacy best practices. Providing users with clear and concise privacy policies can help them to better understand the data collected and used. Access control and authentication mechanisms are the next-level security processes, by implementing access controls and authentication mechanisms can help prevent unauthorized access to our user data.


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