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We're a dynamic team of tech innovators, boldly transforming top-tier concepts into tangible realities. Our steadfast dedication to technology empowers us to deliver leading-edge digital solutions that drive our clients towards exceptional success.


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Creativity fuels our work. We continuously strive to elevate our expertise and go above and beyond to deliver exceptional experiences for our customers.

Revamp Your System with Software Modernization Services

Our innovative software modernization services can help transform your
traditional business into a digital brand.

Infrastructure Modernization

Our company is focused on business transformations that aim to reshape your IT to fit into the modern world and such solutions include the cloud, containers, CI/CD, and DevOps.

Transitioning from Monolithic to Microservices

Our IT modernization services can help you in the change from large amounts of applications to microservices applications, building more light fast, and secure.

Enhanced Security Measures

Strengthen your app's security by assessing, updating to the latest security standards, and implementing modern security practices and tools.

Migration to the Cloud

Migrate applications to the cloud or cloud-to-cloud to reduce infrastructure costs and improve business value.

Modernizing UI/UX

We create user-centric experiences through effective information architecture, device-responsive design, and adherence to the latest design standards.

Digital Transformation

We help businesses transform their operations with AI/ML, automation, cloud computing, data analytics, and digital marketing.

Automation and DevOps Adoption

Automation and DevOps Transformation is our service that accelerates your delivery, enhances quality, and improves efficiency in developing processes.

Re-engineering Applications

Improve your applications by upgrading the existing obsolescent programs, gaining scalability, and improving user satisfaction and market competitiveness.

Refactoring Code

Optimize app performance by refactoring codebases, improving algorithms, and enhancing code readability.

Revitalize Your Legacy Systems Now!

Upgrade your efficiency and competitiveness in the digital realm with our legacy software modernization services, designed to revamp your legacy software.

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Tech Stacks

Technology Stack that Revolutionizes Software Modernization

  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • Mobile
  • Database
  • Frameworks
  • Cloud
  • DevOps
  • Ecommerce
  • CMS
  • Platforms




Angular JS


Reat Js


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We Innovate, Evaluate, and Elevate Your Business

Our company has been providing versatile legacy software modernization services to companies and businesses globally and has maintained a unique approach to every project as if the project were the first time and ongoing support.

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Customized Technological Solutions for Every Business

Our group of skilled software engineers can improve your business processes, no matter the scale and kind of your organization.



Expand your business through the right management of the various and necessary processes that your company will encounter through the best software solutions provided for startups.

Digital Agencies

Digital Agencies

Stay ahead of other players in the digital market by getting custom software solutions that help boost creativity in your digital agency.



Optimize the performance and employability of your enterprise through different-imbedded solutions designed to meet the prevalent needs of large-scale enterprises.

Product Companies

Product Companies

Maximise efficiency of business operations and engineering performance by improving product development outcomes and market positioning with tailored software tools.



Financially optimize your marketing strategy by utilizing custom-built marketing campaigns, analysis, and customer interaction solutions.



Get more powerful solutions and advanced applications for your technological needs with the best software system and services to build a better foundation.

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Hire a highly-rated Legacy Software Modernization Company

In today's fast-changing IT environment, partnering with Sparkout, a software modernization company, can help reduce risks associated with legacy systems. Our expert engineers consistently lower clients' operational costs by over 13% and drive a minimum annual revenue growth of 14% through legacy enterprise software modernization services.

streamlined cloud migration with Sparkout
  • Safeguard Data and Logic
  • Leverage Advanced Technology
  • Craft an Intuitive User Experience
  • Ensure Seamless System Integration
  • Automate Workflows Efficiently
  • Streamline Operations
  • Enhance Security Capabilities
  • Lower Ownership Costs
  • Eliminate Maintenance Hassles
  • Ensure Interoperability

The Process of Modernizing Your Software

Process of Modernizing

Why Opt for Sparkout, an Architecture-Driven Modernization Company?

Sparkout specializes in modernizing enterprise applications and
enhancing agility, innovation, and continuity.

Advisory on Application & Technical Architecture

Develop a business-aligned vision for application and technology and align value realization to objectives and results.

Discovery, Assessment & Planning of Applications

First, assess the application portfolio, develop a business case, rationalize the portfolio, define architecture & create a roadmap.

Transformation to Agile/Dev(Sec)Ops

We can assist in terms of coaching to learn Agile/DevOps best practices and obtain the right Agile/Dev(Sec)Ops instrument and processes to assist the company’s objectives.

Modernization of Applications

Implement a comprehensive plan to modernize applications and develop architecture blueprints using proven methods and tools.

Modernization of Mainframes

Optimize and modernize using Agile/Dev(Sec)Ops, containerization, and automated code conversions for cloud or on-premises environments.


How Can We Help?

Modernization of legacy software converts existing software systems to effective systems that fit the current world technology and business environment. The term refers to applications or systems that were developed using technologies no longer relevant for software production, programming languages that current ones and non-relational architectures have replaced.

In one way or the other, it is important to modernize a software system and this can be necessitated by the following. Some of the frequently observed approaches which point out the need for improvement are:

  • Technological Obsolescence
  • Performance Issues
  • Business Growth and New Requirements
  • User Experience
  • Security and Compliance
  • Costly Maintenance
  • Integration Challenges
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Business Competitiveness
  • Vendor Support End-of-Life

Some key advantages of modernizing legacy software are:

  • Improved Performance
  • Enhanced Security
  • Cost Savings
  • Increased Scalability
  • Easier Integration
  • Competitive Advantage

Sustaining and running outdated software systems has several threats that may hinder the competence, security, and productivity of an organization. Modernization minimizes the possibility of having challenges such as compatibility issues, security issues, high maintenance, and the limitation of scalability matters.

Legacy software modernization is therefore a proactive strategy that allows organizations to deal with security flaws and introduce efficient security features. By revising the existing software related to security and adopting design factors related to security, one can safeguard the business from such threats that are not very familiar in the relevant field. The approach also assists in improving the overall organizational security from attacks hence reducing the probability of attacks on their security system.

Outsourcing software modernization can simplify the process, enhance project outcomes, and allow internal resources to concentrate on the organization's core business activities.