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Build SPAs and engage client-side solutions with reliable teams adopting the latest tech expertise and hands-on tool skills to speed up development and ease testing.

Looking to hire AngularJS programmers with world-class productivity levels to tackle all challenges throughout the software development lifecycle? Look no further!

Our Angular experts handle video and music streaming apps, e-stores, online marketplaces, and real-time mapping services efficiently. They're ready for any project you have in mind.

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Transform Your Development with Sparkout's
Remote Angular Developers

Develop AngularJS solutions with industry-leading teams, vetted experience,
and nuanced expertise, adding tangible value to your brand.

What do we do?

The Exceptional Skills of Our Angular Front End Developers

AngularJS Development Services

Hire Angular developers remotely from Sparkout with unparalleled tech and domain expertise to enhance your development project.

Front-End Development Services

Craft visually captivating front-ends for your web and mobile applications with our team of Angular specialists, captivating users from the start.

Web Application Development

Boost your enterprise growth with our AngularJS developers' progressive web app development services. Hire now.

Application Modernization Services

Our team of skilled developers can help you upgrade your outdated IT infrastructure into modern AngularJS applications.

Custom Application Development

Gain a competitive edge in the market by leveraging modern AngularJS applications that are tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Application Maintenance and Support

Hire a team of dedicated Angular developers who can provide 24/7 application maintenance and support services for your business needs.

What Makes Angular the Ideal Choice for
Web App Development?

Angular is a powerful, open-source web development platform that allows developers to create dynamic
If you want to unlock its full potential, hire developers from India.

Defined Framework Structure

AngularJS is a powerful framework that enables a clear separation of concerns in web app development. Hire Angular developers in India to enhance your efforts.

Exceptional Performance Standards

Consider hiring an Angular Developer from Sparkout to leverage the fast and efficient performance capabilities of the renowned AngularJS framework.

Seamless Two-way Data Binding

Boost your web development with Angular's two-way data binding and responsive UI. Hire expert AngularJS developers in India to leverage these features.

Enhanced Code Reusability

Angular's reusable components and modules promote consistency and scalability across applications, reducing development time and increasing efficiency.

Extensive Support for Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

This tech lets web apps behave like native apps on mobiles with PWA support. It allows offline content access, push notifications, and improved performance.

Streamlined Automated Testing

Utilize Angular's strong testing framework for automated tests, ensuring app functionality. Collaborating with skilled AngularJS developers in India elevates web app quality.

Harness the Technical Proficiency of Our Angular Developers

With our team of certified Angular developers who possess a wealth of experience in various technologies, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions that perfectly meet your business needs.



Angular Material

Tailwind CSS







Lazy Loading

Server Side Rendering



3rd party Libraries



Service Workers






Project management

Project Management Tool



Project Developer

Project Developer Documentation


Version Control

Version Control



Explore Our Versatile Engagement Models for
Hiring Angular Developers

Our superior technology and expertise provide tailored solutions for your business needs, seamlessly
fitting together like the final piece of a puzzle.

Fixed Pricing Model

  • The project scope is clearly defined.
  • SOW changes require separate estimation and approval.
  • No external dependencies and, a straightforward timeline.
  • Customers are charged at specific stages.
  • Relevant technology in the market is used.
  • Perfect for single-end customer projects.
Fixed Pricing Model
Exclusive Resource Hire

Dedicated Resource Acquisition

  • The project scope is uncertain and challenging.
  • Requires long-term engagement with emerging tech.
  • Open-ended Statements of Work need flexible team size.
  • Simultaneous hardware and software development.
  • Fixed-price billing for proof of concept projects.

Hourly/Time and Material

  • The project scope is unclear for estimate effort.
  • The work occurs at irregular intervals.
  • Service appropriate for small-medium sized applications.
  • Billing is based on time and effort.
  • Requires cumulative development.
Hourly/Time and Resource Billing

The Era of Hybrid IT Models

Embrace a hybrid approach that flexibly adjusts to your evolving technology requirements.

Combination of Fixed Cost, Time, and Material Models

  • This option may be suitable when initial requirements are unclear.
  • Development commences on a fixed-cost basis as per requirements-gathering.
  • Ensure prompt project delivery through full essential documentation.
  • This approach saves you considerable time and resources.

Combination of Fixed Cost and Dedicated Resource Hiring

  • To evaluate a new idea's profitability, start a pilot project for development.
  • Use a resourcing model to determine requirements and modules.
  • This will help visualize the product, aiding decision-making.
  • Develop on a fixed-cost basis tied to launch milestones.

How Can We Go About Hiring AngularJS Developers?

Our five-step hiring process ensures we onboard highly productive AngularJS experts.

1 Comprehensive Resume

2 Interviews with HR

3 Soft Skill Assessment

4 Interview with PM and TL

5Hard Skill Assessment

Grab Your AngularJS Developing Expertise From Sparkout

Take a look at the straightforward process of hiring Angular developers from Sparkout.

InquirySTEP 1


We evaluate the alignment of projects for possible collaboration.

Developer SelectionSTEP 2

Developer Selection

We choose developers from our pool of tech experts based on the requirements of each project.

IntegrationSTEP 3


Once the ETA is approved, the developers can start with the direct assignment of tasks.

ScalingSTEP 4


You can adjust your team size as necessary with the help of an account manager.


How Can We Help?

At Sparkout, we offer highly skilled AngularJS developers for dynamic and scalable web applications. We deliver customized solutions, have a proven track record of successful projects, and focus on enhancing project efficiency and overall success.

We hire only the most experienced Angular developers, who regularly undergo training to stay up-to-date with the latest AngularJS developments. Code reviews, quality checks, and feedback loops help us maintain industry best practices and coding standards.

Our robust testing methodologies ensure top-notch quality work. We emphasize collaboration, communication, and problem-solving within the team, and involve clients in the development process to align with project expectations. Our proven track record of successful project deliveries is a testament to our commitment to quality work.

Our AngularJS project completion comes with ongoing support and maintenance services that include bug fixes, framework upgrades, continuous monitoring, and technical glitch resolution to ensure the optimum performance of your product.

Sparkout provides flexible hiring models for Angular developers, including hourly, monthly, and fixed-price models. You can easily switch between these models based on your specific requirements.

Ensuring the confidentiality of our client’s intellectual property is our top priority. We sign NDAs, secure the code in private Git repositories, and adhere to all necessary formalities, including code ownership and copyrights.