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Custom Healthcare App Development

Custom Healthcare App Development

Our team of skilled healthcare app developers has hands-on experience in building complex and on-demand healthcare software solutions.

Laboratory Data Management System

Laboratory Data Management System

We create custom healthcare software for information management to monitor lab storage and inventory, data integrity, and security.

User-centric mHealth App Development

User-centric mHealth App Development

Our mHealth apps for healthcare organizations to deliver better care and efficient management of patient health records.

E-Health Record Software System

E-Health Record Software System

Being a white-labeled medical app development company, our experts are skilled in building robust and futuristic electronic health record software systems.

Symptom Checker Software

Symptom Checker Software

Our fast and free symptom checker can help you find answers to any health problem from the comfort of your home and get an assessment within minutes.

HIPAA-Compliant Software

HIPAA-Compliant Software

Our healthcare apps secure the confidentiality of patient information within the ecosystem of patients with HIIPA-complaint healthcare software.

Industries we cater to

Digital Innovation for Healthcare We Deliver

Telecare Software

Telecare Software

  • Video chats and text messages
  • Auto billing for EHR integration
  • Enhanced vital tracking
Persistent Illness Management

Persistent Illness Management

  • Quick telemedicine appointments
  • Special care and management for chronic conditions
  • Systemic medication intake plans
Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Tracking patient's data via medical devices or wearables
  • Integrating RPI data with healthcare IT network
  • Quick alerts on abnormal health parameters
Medical Supplies System

Medical Supplies System

  • Software for FDA medical devices
  • Software as a medical device supports different devices
  • SaMD for protecting patients’ safety
Custom EHR Software

Custom EHR Software

  • Convenient UI/UX design for different device access
  • Custom EHR for voice assistance, chatbots, and image recognition.
  • Advanced EHR with blockchain record storage & AI features
Homecare Software

Homecare Software

  • Offline app features for remote locations
  • Home visit scheduling and shift optimization
  • Electronic visit verification and billing

Top Features

Top Features of our Healthcare Apps

Why Devops Services?
Health Tracking System

Health Tracking System

Our healthcare app monitors vital signs like heart rate, pulse, sugar, blood pressure, and calories to enhance user experience.

Scheduling and Reminders

Scheduling and Reminders

Our healthcare app helps users set scheduling and reminders for doctor appointments, medicine, water intake, calorie consumption, and more.

AI Document Understanding

Boosted Microservices

Developing, deploying, and scaling microservices independently makes it easier to manage and update the application over time.

Video/Audio Conferencing

Video/Audio Conferencing

Direct audio and video calls can enhance effective communication between patients, providers, and doctors.

Effective Patient Dashboard

Effective Patient Dashboard

It offers a complete outline of the medical record and patient information to filter every patient according to their medical problems.

Healthcare App

The Structural App Development Process We Follow

At Sparkout Tech Solution, our experts work diligently to scale your enterprise by following an agile healthcare application development procedure to make feature-loaded, robust healthcare software and applications.


Product Discovery

Our experts understand the scope and future of the project and recognize it through proper IT consulting. An effective market research and analysis will be conducted.

  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring and Controlling
  • Closing

UI/UX Designs

Our creative designers have expertise in various areas of UI-UX design and are ready to assist in creating user-friendly interfaces for seamless user interaction.

  • Understand
  • Define
  • Create
  • Prototype
  • Test and Implement
Coding and programming

Coding and Programming

Our experts are proficient in various programming languages and provide you with front-end and back-end architecture and third-party API integration into your application.

  • Defining the Problem
  • Planning the Solution
  • Coding the Program
  • Testing the Program
  • Documenting the Program

Quality Control and Testing

Our QA expert team will handle debugging and end-to-end error correction of your healthcare application to ensure uninterrupted operations, strong security, and user experience.

  • Test Planning
  • Test Monitoring & Controlling
  • Test Analysis & Design
  • Test Implementation
  • Test Execution
Quality control and testing
Launch and beyond

Launch and Beyond

At the final stage, our developers launch the product on the app store and provide complete post-launch maintenance and support services required for app functions.

  • Launching
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • Modification
  • Review & rating Check

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Why Choose?

Why Choose Sparkout for Your
Healthcare Software Development?

Digital solutions in healthcare refer to technological tools and systems used to optimize and improve healthcare services. Sparkout offers comprehensive healthcare software development services, starting from prototyping, through design and development, all the way to deployment.

Excellent Collaboration

Excellent Collaboration

Regularly updates the project status as we follow a pre-agreed process and set of KPIs for seamless client communication & integration.

End-to-end Observation

End-to-end Observation

We ensure full protection and compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and GCC health authorities at every stage of our projects.

High-end Quality and Security

High-end Quality and Security

We prioritize security and quality to help healthcare clients optimize costs, gain tangible business value, and prevent security threats.

Best Customer Experience

Steadfast Development Team

We use advanced cognitive technology to provide customized solutions and exceptional services. Trust us to take your business to the next level.

Our Recent Work

Building technology
products that impact lives

Read through our case studies to see how we've helped businesses around the world serve customers better through innovative technology solutions as a leading custom software development company. Bleeding-edge tech with great customer experience.

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Building technology
products that impact lives


How Can We Help?

At all project stages, from initiation to development and post-launch support, we prioritize the quality of our healthcare software. By adopting a quality-first approach, you can expect predictable business results, roll out new healthcare software 20-40% faster, increase ROI, and eliminate risks and overhead associated with reengineering.

The cost of developing custom healthcare software varies based on the complexity of the desired solution, the number of features, the size of the user base, and the number of integrations required. To obtain a pricing estimate for your custom healthcare solution, feel free to contact our sales team - the consultation is free of charge.

The timeline for developing a healthcare application can vary significantly depending on the features it includes, the technologies used to build it, and the platforms it must run on. If you have a healthcare app idea in mind, feel free to contact us to estimate the approximate time it will take to develop the app.

We use pre-defined KPIs to monitor development and track project performance. Our goal is to improve KPIs for healthcare organizations by enhancing software usability, providing features for medical specialties, automating repetitive tasks, and more.