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Client Name

Kevin Coutinho


Professional Social Handle




Connect with absolute like-minded techy's where every individual gets to seek, explore, participate, and take up their single-handed projects all in one space.


Event Management, Organize Hackathons, Project Roll Out, Participant in Events, Hackathons, Take up Projects, Resume Builder, NFTs.



Team Count

Backend - 1
Frontend - 2
Smart contract Blockchain - 1
UI/UX Design - 1
Tech Architect - 1
Angular - 2
QA - 1
PM - 1


A Truly Decentralized , Interoperable Blockchain

LayerOne X is a groundbreaking innovation in the realm of blockchain technology, setting new standards and opening doors to unprecedented possibilities. Serving as the world's fastest interoperable blockchain, LayerOne X is not just a platform; it's a paradigm shift, redefining the essence of decentralization.

We have created LayerOneX Developer Portal was designed specifically for L1X's developer community to help them build, extend, connect, and advance their careers. The fundamental goal of creating a professionally managed developer community platform case study solution like LayerOneX Dev Portal is to bring together like-minded people who want to explore the worlds of technology and development in one place. LayerOneX aims to emerge in social spaces as a model for individuals to capitalise on skill-scaling opportunities and engage with the LayerOneX community. Get the benefit of project bids, attend events, and participate in hackathons.

Explore a world where the future of blockchain is now—a future where LayerOne X empowers and connects, paving the way for a decentralized, equitable, and interconnected world.

Business Goal

Business Objects Of LayerOneX

The primary objective of developing a professionally aided community platform solution like LayerOneX Dev Portal was the man behind the idea, our client Kevin Coutinho who was very enthusiastic about curating an exclusive space for tech minds to collaborate.

The vision is to connect like-minded people, who are willing to explore the space of technology and development, all in one space. To build an exclusive platform that shall be the first call for professionals who are seeking opportunities and willing to skill and scale up.

LayerOneX is aiming to step up in the social spaces as an epitome for individuals to grab their skill scaling opportunity and to connect with the LayerOneX community. Grab project bids, attend events, and participate in hackathons.

Challenges/Developing Challenges

Crucial Stage In Developing Community Management Platform


Next in the community management platform case study on L1X, we will discuss the challenges faced in the process. Starting of, we had limited development time for this project so that they could launch quickly.. The project was pitched and asked to complete development within 15 days and out for launch. The team was confident that we could pull it off on time with planning and support from the client. This challenge coming our way was like an opportunity that came our way to ace our capabilities.


The Solution, Achievements

The Outcomes Of Developing LayerOneX Platform

Design Phase

Curating the UI/UX designs for LayerOneX was completely a creative process. We had a full fledged freedom to take control on the Typography and iconography. “Styrene A LC” font was used in the banner and heading followed by “Manrope” for contents within the fields. This developer community platform design was meant to be simple and played with the Lilac tones.

The Outcomes Of Developing LayerOneX Platform

Development Phase

LayerOneX is a unique platform that is meant to bring in collectives with like-minded interests in technology, development, and more of being creative, on top of problems and solutions. LayerOneX addresses three major verticals that lay at the same cause - Connections and Reaching Out.


An avenue that opens up for individuals to explore the different and multifacet events that are happening in the sector, especially hosted by L1X Foundation. They could take part directly by applying, but before that from agenda to speaker list and topics, this space shall cover it up.

Development Phase


One door opening to multiple opportunities for individuals and a heads up to team building. Hackathons are usually a part of an Event, through this dashboard, the users can conveniently pick their chance, even if they missed out on the event.



This field explores developers with the requirements, input on basic contributions from admin, the budget, and all of that. The platform gives the users a heads-up on the projects that need to be curated with all the details, and based on the bid they get to work on it. Here the developers also earn reward points and L1X tokens on their project completion.



This developer community Platform is more convenient to interact with the L1X team. The Users get to communicate and discuss via private one to one chat and public group chat - which eases with the line of action.


As simple as it is, we made the development phase intuitive, intrigued, and keen to make things simple and sound enough for the LayerOneX platform to roar.

Discovery, Workflow (Design process)

Working And Functionalities Of First Track It



Flow Chart/Information Architecture(IA)

The Working Mechanism Of the Developer (User) Dashboard.

The Working mechanism of the Developer dashboard simply comprises enabling the user to freely navigate through various events, hackathons, and project openings.

  • The very first step the user gets to explore is the sign-up process. Here KYC is made mandatory, and only when all the fields are filled and verified the user can explore the platform as a whole.
  • The profile setup is inspired by LinkedIn, the former professional social media space for individuals. The user can set a complete profile, more like a new-fashioned resume. From their work experience to skills and certifications can be listed.
  • The Profile can be downloaded in the Resume format. The Open to Work option is made available for the users.
  • The Event tab showcases the event lined up for the user, by clicking on the View Details button an extended tab opens to detail the very nuances of the Event and also identifies if the users could apply for the event or its process.
  • The Hackathon tab also details the various Hackathons available for the user/developer. As it’s under an event, those details can also be accessed. The closing timer runs simultaneously for each hackathon to notify the users.
  • The Project tab gives the users and developers insights into the opportunities that are waiting for them. They get more clarity on what is to be done, from requirements to bidding details are open. The user can approach and the admin approves the bid that they are satisfied with.

The Roles Of Admin In The Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard manages all the activities of the LayerOne1 Platform. From setting up events, planning hackathons, and listing out projects, everything is controlled and managed in this space seamlessly.

Starting with the User Management tab, where all the users are listed, after verification and approving KYC, the user is added to the list, while the admin has the power to remove users as well.

The next is the Event Management tab which has two subdivisions.

Create Events

By providing every minute requirement on the Event, the admin creates it. Its name, topic, type, mode, location, banner images, posters, descriptions, speaker information, and time-to-time agenda of the event, are all fed and once created reflects in the Developer dashboard for users to explore. Including user participation, the admin can decide if the event is open to all or, if the participants are brought in under constraints from the admin.

Event List

The list of events created, its activity status, and enable-disable options are all found here.

More importantly, we have a unique attendance system with the participants on the platform. For every confirmation of their participation in the event or hackathon, the user gets a mail with a QR code uniquely generated. Once that is scanned during the event day, automatically the users/participants' attendance is marked. Meanwhile, the admin can also do it manually from their dashboard.

Following that we have the Hackathon Management tab with 2 subdivisions.

  • Create Hackathon
  • Hackathon list

With similar qualities from the event management tab, the Hackathon management tab in addition, there are fields to mention the Event the hackathon belongs to. The admin also is responsible for

  • Tracking applicants and confirming their participation in the event.
  • Sending QR for Attendance purposes
  • Reviewing the task and ranking
  • Declaring the winners of the hackathon.

Next in the row is the Project Management Tab in the admin panel.

Creating Projects is opened for the admin to list out and formulate a project that needs assistance or ownership, by furnishing the requirements, the project's maximum budget, and setting up the Bid, all of that happens here.

The Project list enlists the different projects sent for outsourcing through the LayerOneX platform, and the admin manages and maintains them.

The final tab of the Admin dashboard is the Communication Management tab. Similar to public groups and private chats for the users, this is an L1X newsfeed from the admin to host topic-based channels like - New/Announcements, Development, Projects, FunZone etc.

  • Create group chat
  • Get the member details
  • Manage user access in the chat space
  • Enable and disable users from the group
  • Have individual conversations on projects.


Design Screens

Workflow of LayeroneX

Unique Features

Highlights Of The Developer
Community Platform's

Here, in this part of the case study, we will be discovering the features of the Developer Community platforms.

Profile drop-down menu

  • holds all the individual activities of the user

Mandatory KYC

  • to regulate authenticity in the platform

Profile Setup

  • brings together every nuance of professional information


  • bring the user important updates on the application made

Group Chat notifications

  • are indicated as numbers in the fields

User group control

  • can be customized as per the requirement

Hackathon Timer

  • intimidates users to make wise decisions in the shortest.

Personal Chat

  • in project fields aids with quick and hassle-free action.

Event Tags

  • help in reaching a wider yet specific group of audience.


Tech Stack

Front end





Node JS





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The Present Stand Of LayerOneX

The very first phase of LayerOneX was developed, tested, and handed over to our clients. With the user/developer and admin dashboard enclosed the primary requirement of an event management application was delivered.

In the pipeline, we still have to develop Mobile both Android and iOS versions of the platform. The next phase of development is blockchain integration. The company already has the L1X token in the market. It will be further improved for better performance and convenience in the web3 world.

Check out the LayeroneX Developer Dashboard on Behance.
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